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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Hello, elementonauts! Pathfinder Rage of Elements has been out for a while now, and we hope you’ve been having a great time with your kineticists, elementals, travels to the elemental planes, and all sorts of new spells, items, and monsters. We wanted to take this chance to recognize the great authors who came together to make this project special.

This book was initially concepted by Mark Seifter (who you’ll hear from shortly) before he headed over to his current gig. I took over as the design lead to shepherd the book along. Most of my work was outlining, coordination, and a massive amount of changes to switch the book to the Remastered rules late in the process.

Before we get into everyone’s bios, I must talk about the contributions of Jessica Redekop and Sen H.H.S., who share cover credit with me. Getting that level of credit requires a massive amount of work, and they were both wonderful to work with and superb writers. Jess’s enthusiasm for the planes and building out fun characters made the book such a fun read, and Sen H.S.S.’s ideas for putting the elemental cycle into the game and Pathfinder setting and creating the Plane of Wood were invaluable and incredibly creative. I’d also like to shout out Paizo’s own Andrew White, who brought the Plane of Metal to life, and James Case, who plunged into the Plane of Water with aplomb. And Kent Hamilton’s beautiful concept art for elemental metal and wood helped guide designs throughout the process, especially of monsters and locations.

In addition to the authors with full bios below, this book features excellent writing by Jason Bulmahn, James Case, Jessica Catalan, Andrew D. Geels, Luis Loza, Michael Sayre, Shay Snow, Levi Steadman, Mari Tokuda, and Linda Zayas-Palmer!

Logan Bonner
Pathfinder Lead Designer

The woodlore nodollin

Illustration by Lucas Melo

Logan Bonner (he/him)

(That’s me.) I’ve been designing tabletop RPGs since 2006, and am the Pathfinder Lead Designer, doing overwatch on the game rules as a whole. Lately I’ve been blooding, sweating, and tearing the Pathfinder Remaster books. After being one of the four designers of Second Edition, I’ve led Pathfinder Secrets of Magic to help set the template for how we could stretch our legs with rulebooks in Second Edition, and later led Pathfinder Book of the Dead, the remastered books, and at least one upcoming, unannounced tome. My biggest writing contribution to Rage of Elements was the kineticist class (with some expert help from the rest of the design team, so you can blame/thank Michael Sayre for the Ambush Bladderwort). You can find me on Twitter as @loganbonner and on Bluesky as

Patrick Hurley

Along with previous Paizo publishing credits, Patrick Hurley has had short fiction appear in dozens of magazines and book anthologies, including Factor Four, Galaxy's Edge, Abyss & Apex, and New Myths. As well as being managing editor at Paizo, Patrick is a graduate of the 2017 Taos Toolbox Writer's Workshop and a member of SFWA. To read more of Patrick's stories, check out his author website:

Jason Keeley (he/him)

Hi folks, I'm Jason Keeley and I'm excited to have contributed even a small part to Rage of Elements. I've recently returned to Paizo as a Senior Developer for the Rules & Lore team, which means that all I've written for Pathfinder Second Edition has been training for this time! When I'm not doing things for Paizo, I spend my time recording a couple of podcasts in the Know Direction network, collaborating with Joe Pasini on puzzles, and generally working on other TTRPG projects—like my cereal mascot game This Compleat Breakfast, available for free at! You can usually find me under the name "herzwesten" on most social media platforms.

Jon Morgantini

Hello there! I'm Jon, the Community and Social Media Manager here at Paizo. My work was focused on creatures of air and earth for Pathfinder Rage of Elements. It was my first freelance writing opportunity and it was so much fun! It's been very heartening to see the reaction to the book from everyone. I definitely have other projects coming down the line so you will just have to keep an eye out for my name in other places! When I'm not writing, I'm usually lost in Hyrule or perhaps some far corner of the galaxy, if not rereading the Wheel of Time series or whatever the dark fantasy du jour is. You can find me @loremasterjon over on Bluesky, where I soon hope to pontificate about writing my own Pathfinder Second Edition–compatible setting. In the meantime, play ALL the games!

AJ Neuro (he/him and they/them)

Pura Vida! I'm AJ, a Costa Rican game designer. Writing the elemental backgrounds for Rage of Elements was my first official contribution to Pathfinder, but I've also written for the recently announced Pathfinder War of Immortals! A few of you might have also seen some of my free resources for the Pathfinder community. I'm also a professional GM, and I run both official Pathfinder Second Edition adventures on Golarion, and adventures of my own making in my setting of Ex Nihilo! If you'd like to join one of my groups, or would like me to GM for your group, don't be shy and shoot me a message. By the way, we're actually a DID system, but we generally prefer to present as an individual; it's just easier for us (waves at all the other plurals reading this) :)

Illustration by Ivan Koritarev
Arundhati illustration by Ivan Koritarev: A headshot of Arundhati, a humanoid with light blue hair and eyes, pointed ears, wearing gold jewelry

Jessica Redekop (she/they/he)

Hello! I'm Jess, and I like elementals, the planes, and the elemental planes. I got to write a lot of Rage of Elements (enough to get my name on the cover!) but my favorite section is the introduction to the air chapter, with the mercurial air narrator, Shanaria.

I love this book and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to write such a large portion of it. A book focused on the elemental planes, giving them the compelling and interesting presentation they've always deserved, is like my ultimate dream project. It's weird to feel so early in my career but to have already achieved something so monumental and important to me. I hope Rage of Elements helps to open the elemental planes in your games as fun, cool places your characters want to explore!

When I'm not writing, you can find me on the Know Direction podcast network as a cohost of Legend Lore and cast member on Tavern Rats, a new actual play. On the social medias, I'm

Mark Seifter

Hi everyone, Mark Seifter here! For those who don't know me, I've been the design lead on over 100 tabletop RPG game titles and worked on even more for Paizo and various other companies in the tabletop RPG industry, and I was one of the four leads on the creation of Pathfinder Second Edition.

I love writing about elemental options, and in Rage of Elements, I especially enjoyed working on the elemental eidolon, which I hope gives you a fun and different playstyle than the existing options. I also authored the Lysianassa deity entry, the aether and void sidebar in the introduction (which turned out even more interesting with the advent of void damage), and more! I hope you enjoyed them.

You can check out my Twitch stream, Arcane Mark, with Linda Zayas-Palmer at and the Roll for Combat Live stream with Stephen Glicker at

Sen H.H.S.

Hi all! Sen H.H.S. here and long time no see! Working as the cultural consultant and cover author of Rage of Elements was a wild ride, and I'm delighted that everyone is enjoying the book. I hope to hear your stories about your adventures in the returning Planes of Metal and Wood sometime in the near future. As a cover author, I worked on a little bit on everything, from some metal, wood, earth, fire, and water spells and items, to the four elemental lords Ayrzul, Kelizandri, Laudinmio, and Shumunue. I also did the introductions for the Plane of Wood and the Churn of Elements, plus creatures such as the nightwood guardian, ore louse, marajau, and some fire elementals. (Lava otters are the best!) I hope all of those help make your upcoming planar adventures all the more exciting! As for what's coming up, please mark your calendars for the Season of Ghosts Adventure Path, which begins with Pathfinder Adventure Path #196: The Summer That Never Was at the end of this year! You can find me nowadays on Bluesky at or you can see what I'm retweeting on Twitter @SenHHS. My website is

Illustration by Ivan Koritarev
A blue genie wearing a dark blue vest with gold jewelry, holding a large dagger

Shahreena Shahrani (she/her)

Marhaba everyone! I’m Shahreena and I've been freelancing for Paizo for about five years. Rage of Elements was a particularly exciting project to work on, as I was not only involved as a writer, but also as a cultural consultant. I was inspired by the creative muse in pre-Islamic poetic traditions to create gennayn; by stories of nightmarish spirits to contribute to jaathoom; by Middle Eastern hospitality to create faydhaan shuyookhs; and by the storyteller Shahrazaad, from Alf Layla wa Layla, or 1001 Nights, to develop Shazathared.

Beyond writing, I helped reconceptualize the genies. You may have noticed the cleanup of similar-sounding genie names, new genie lore and abilities more engaged with folklore, and old genie names changed to theme-appropriate names. (As someone raised in a Muslim household, I was especially happy to contribute to the removal of “shaitan” for earth genie!) I also engaged in Arabic grammatical discussions on nonbinary terms of address in search of ways to address genie nobles—fun times! I hope you enjoy these genies as much as I enjoyed working on them.

If you're looking for a Middle East specialist for freelance work, feel free to contact me on Discord at Shahreena1.

Solomon St. John (they/them)

Greetings internet. I go by Sol day-to-day and, in addition to being one of the freelancers who contributed to Rage of Elements, I was also the editing lead, a role I also fill for both Pathfinder and Starfinder Society over in Organized Play.

Versatile heritages are one of my favorite features in all of Pathfinder Second Edition, so I leapt at the chance to write the talos heritage; I also wrote the accompanying creature stat block, the section on zuhra genies, and all of the wood elementals from wood wisps to the twins of rowan. That last bunch was especially fun, since I could draw inspiration from all sorts of places—from wooden dolls and obscure folklore like the vegetable lamb, to clonal organisms like the IRL “trembling giant” and the existential concept of growth itself. It’s my largest Paizo writing contribution to date and I’m delighted you all finally get to enjoy the fruits of our hard work.

My next Paizo project is just around the corner, so keep an eye out for Starfinder Society Scenario #6-07: Race for the Dustwarren Cup. Find me online for a quiet feed of reblogs and cat photos.

illustration by Zach Causey
A stove-like creature with flames coming out of its mouth

Ruvaid Virk

Hiya folks! My name's Ruvaid, and I've been a writer for Paizo for a little while now. You might have seen some of my past work like the alter ego archetype from Pathfinder Dark Archive, the retrieval prism talisman, or a large part of the Niswan entry for Jalmeray in Pathfinder Lost Omens Impossible Lands. It was a blast working on Rage of Elements with a lot of awesome people. This time, I got to really light the spark of imagination to bring you the entry for Ymeri, Queen of the Inferno, some of the new fire spells (like one where you can summon a bunch of fire ants at someone), a giant metal puzzle cube (the pelegox), and a fiery barbecue spitmaster (the brochmaw, who is also unofficially named Chimothy Chunger). If you want to see more of me and my work, I'm on Twitter (for now) @Darth_Ruvaider and BlueSky

Andrew White (he/him)

Hello! I’m Andrew, full-time member of Paizo’s tech team (and, lately, project coordinator for a bunch of Paizo’s virtual tabletop projects, most notably our premium Foundry adventure modules) and freelance contributor to 15+ Pathfinder and Starfinder releases that you know about so far, including Pathfinder Secrets of Magic, Pathfinder Book of the Dead, the upcoming Pathfinder Howl of the Wild, Starfinder One-Shot #2:The Great Grav-Train Robbery, and Starfinder Adventure: Drift Crisis Case Files. Rage of Elements was one of my favorite projects to date, and I had an absolute blast (this is not a kineticist joke, unless you want it to be) writing the lore of the Plane of Elemental Metal, its thirteen new elementals, and its divine reality-munching isopod Ferrumnestra, the Lady of Rust. You can find me on Twitter at @plaguecontrol (or Twitter-but-not-on-fire at, or you can listen to the Elemental Metal playlist that I made just for you at

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Well done, one and all! There's just one problem, though. Ruvaid Virk's name is not in bold.


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Evan Tarlton wrote:
Well done, one and all! There's just one problem, though. Ruvaid Virk's name is not in bold.

he gently whispers his name to you

you can blame/thank Michael Sayre for the Ambush Bladderwort


I'm just kidding. I very much love this book and just about everything I've read in it, and I hope you had as much fun writing it as I had reading it.

Also give me interweave composite blast I beg you please-

Jessica Redekop wrote:
Hello! I'm Jess, and I like elementals, the planes, and the elemental planes. I got to write a lot of Rage of Elements (enough to get my name on the cover!) but my favorite section is the introduction to the air chapter, with the mercurial air narrator, Shanaria.

Who doesn't love a good air-rator? Thanks, everyone, for making such an awesome book!

Very fun book! Cinderswarm and beheading buzzsaw were some of my favorite spells. The bestiary entries especially are gonna give me a lot to work with

Paizo Employee Front-End Engineering Lead

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Evan Tarlton wrote:
Well done, one and all! There's just one problem, though. Ruvaid Virk's name is not in bold.

I don't know what you're talking about. Ruvaid's name was always in bold. Nobody just fixed that. What?

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Always brilliant to get this blogs and hear from the wonderful people behind the books! I hope Sen H.H.S. knows what a hit the lava otters have been in the community!!

Dark Archive

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silversarcasm wrote:
Always brilliant to get this blogs and hear from the wonderful people behind the books! I hope Sen H.H.S. knows what a hit the lava otters have been in the community!!


And now I know who to thank for the absolute brilliance that is the brochmaw.

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Thank you for the free resources AJ Neuro, and I look forward to seeing what you make of your Ex Nihilo campaign setting…

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This was such an incredible book!

But on a tangent, thank you Ruvaid for the alter ego archetype. It is truly my favourite. It's been difficult for me not to take it on every character I play!

Scarab Sages

Great work y'all!

The second illustration has a broken link (leads to a web page saying the site is offline).

UnArcaneElection wrote:
The second illustration has a broken link (leads to a web page saying the site is offline).

Just realized that I forgot to count the introductory (large) illustration, so it's actually the third total illustration (second miniature one) that has the broken link.

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