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Tell story about what happen to your personal Golarion, like did something happen in your Golarion world that isn't true in Paizo cannon? Like a npc died in your game, but in Paizo cannon live? A nation collaspes in your Galorion, but still exist in Paizo cannon, etc...

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I have two personal Golarions, the one in which I'm a player, and the one in which I'm the GM.

The two big ones in my GM are

Rise of the Runelords:
A gnome formerly named Gordo believes he is the true Karzoug and after defeating the usurper that took his name now rules from Xin-Shalast

Curse of the Crimson Thone:
An ex-Saerenite fallen paladin burned down an orphanage, which has since been used as the backstory for a character in the game of Wrath of the Righteous I'm running.

The big one for the one I'm a player in is

Wrath of the Righteous:
My character, a level 20, Mythic 10, Paladin/Marshall of Iomedae became the Right Hand of the Inheritor as her new herald instead of Galfrey. I recently brought her back slightly deleveled as a level 18 Exemplar in the last book of Age of Ashes

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The big one for me is that Hell's Vengeance failed, so the Glorious Reclamation holds Westcrown. There's been an armistice negotiated because of the whole "Tar-Baphon" thing, but Westcrown exists as a sort of analogue of "West Berlin" during the Cold War with the main difference that Westcrown is a port that controls river traffic to and from the Capital of Egorian.

Cheliax took a lot of L's in games I was in, including the one they were supposed to win.

I have run four full adventure paths and one mini-campaign on Golarion and the player choices in each one led to changes. I view them as a shared universe and some characters from previous campaigns make appearances in other campaigns.

I took over Rise of the Runelords from my wife, when her health problems forced her to step down as the GM. We were running the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 version of Rise of the Runelords, converted to Pathfinder 1st Edition rules with fan-created material from the d20pfsrd.com website. That version was a combat grind, but the party had a bunch of characters better built for exploration and social interaction. So I changed the details to emphasize exploration and alliances. For example, I put more living people on small demiplane called the Runeforge from the fifth module, Sins of the Saviors, so that the party could make allies there.

When they finished Rise of the Runelords, I sent the same 17th-level party through The Witchwar Legacy module. Then I homebrewed more content to keep the campaign going through 20th level, just so that the players could have adventures at all 20 levels. The homebrew adventure at 18th level was pulling the Runeforge out of its pocket dimension and into the Material Plane so that the Desna-worshippers the party had befriended could see Desna's stars. Thus, my Golarion now has a island south of Riddleport that holds the Runeforge.

In my Jade Regeant campaign, I swapped out Ameiko Kaijitsu for her half-sister Amaya of Westcrown. Thus, Amaya became empress of Minkai and Ameiko became merely the clan leader of the imperial Amatatsu family. Also, since Ameiko Kaijitsu of Sandpoint was a friend of the 20th-level Rise of the Runelords party, the following happened in Tide of Honor:

Tide of Honor minor spoiler at fortress Seinaru Heikiko:
Mathmuse wrote:

During the wait, and knowing that a hundred ja noi and kuwa oni were marching toward them, the party decided to press their panic button. Amaya cast Sending and called for help from Ameiko's Rise of the Runelords friends.

The method the Runelords party used to reach Minkai from Varsai opened a permanent portal between the Runeforge and Seinaru Heikiko. Except the Runeforge was no longer on its own demiplane: it now resided on a new island south of Riddleport. (That is how the Runelords party earned 19th level.) And the Runelord party invited their friends, the Warriors of Wrath from the Runeforge, to join the battle, along with their queen Highlady Athroxis and their spiritual leader Allie, the young heavens oracle who had kept her promise to bring her people home to see Desna's stars.

Thus, the Amatatsu region in northern Minkai has a portal to Varisia for intercontinental trade.

Those were minor changes. The big changes happened in the next two campaigns.

My players pulled a major plot twist on me in the middle of the fifth module, Palace of the Fallen Stars, of our Iron Gods campaign, Iron Gods among Scientists. They had gotten into radio contact with the final villain Unity and asked for a job. They immediately jumped from the fifth module to the sixth module and I had to rewrite the plot of the sixth module. Instead of fighting their way through the mile-long crashed spaceship Divinity to reach the evil computer Unity and stop its sinster plan, they were performing repair work on the Divinity while secretly exploring the ship and figuring out the details of Unity's plan in order to stop it.

And I had to change Unity's sinister plan, because the one in the module, The Divinity Drive, had very few details to serve as clues. The alternative plan does not matter, since it was thwarted. But in the end, instead of burning out the Divinity Drive to let Casandalee ascend to godhood, they returned the Divinity Drive to its owners on planet Androffa. Or rather, the owners where in orbit around planet Androffa, because they were waiting in suspended animation on a space habitat after a devastating world war on Androffa. That space habitat is now in orbit around Golarion's sun with the Androffan humans and androids homesteading territory in the Sarkoris Scar on Golarion. Thus, my Golarion has one fewer god and many more aliens.

And the party, rather than destroying the Technic League in the fifth module, returned after the sixth module and took it over. They reformed it into the Technic School intended to teach and share science rather than hoard technology. That did not change the setting much, because many evil Technic League members fled and became renegades who act exactly like the Technic League survivors described in Lost Omens Legends.

We knew early that our Ironfang Invasion adventure path would have an unusual ending, because the party members were all non-human and sympathized with the Ironfang Legion's goal of founding a nation where humans were not in charge. But the party members hated slavery, and the hobgoblins of the Ironfang Legion were enslaving the human, dwarven, and elven peoples of the territory they conquered. This was an irreconcilable difference.

In December 2021, Paizo declared that they would keep slavery out of their new modules. Though evil civilizations on Golarion could still have slaves, the adventure modules will avoid those places and some of those civilizations will give up the vile institution. In response, I decided to remove slavery from the hobgoblin culture in Ironfang Invasion: How can I remove slavery from Ironfang Invasion?

The Iron Gods party and their friends got involved in Nirmathis as yet another party concerned with the Ironfang Invasion. They encouraged industry as an alternative to slavery. And later the young new god Gold-Flame Honeysuckle battled Hadregash, hobgoblin and barghest god of dominion and slavery, to remove slavery from hobgoblin culture around Golarion. The god Lamashtu now has Hadregash on a tight leash and will insist on Hadregash's new role as a god of battling for dominance instead of oppressing for dominance.

Meanwhile, the Ironfang Legion's territory Oprak became one-third its size in Lost Omens World Guide and is a province of Nirmathas rather than a fully independent nation.

The mini-campaign began in September 2023 based on the Free RPG Day modules A Fistful of Flowers and A Few Flowers More. My players are inventing a community of leshies in the Verduran Forest in Taldor. And many leshies there worship Gold-Flame Honeysuckle, the leshy god of familiars who exists only in my Golarion.

My players like to leave a mark on Golarion.

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When our Iron Gods group (from this very forum, GMed by the dedicated and clever Brainiac!) reached Starfall, we elected to force Kevoth-Kul to abdicate rather than ally with him against the Technic League, and one of our own party, the young skald Kaska of Red Talons, ascended to become the new Black Sovereign. This occurred right when Kaska's player made the decision to depart from the campaign, so it was a convenient way to have a great sendoff for her! Kevoth-Kul was allowed to remain in Kaska's new court as an advisor while he underwent rehab.

My own character, Fireday (an android warpriest of Iomedae with a literally lifelong vendetta against the Technic League), also volunteered to remain in Starfall to advise Kaska after the party defeated Unity and the campaign came to an end. He used his position to aid the newly formed church of Casandalee, strengthen ties with the Mendevian crusaders of Castle Urion (his hometown), and eventually collected money for and organized the construction of a grand ecumenical cathedral in Starfall, one where all the gods who'd aided them in their quest (Brigh, Casandalee, Desna, Gorum and Iomedae) were all worshipped in equal measure, resulting in Fireday becoming known into the future as the Saint of Starmetal!

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Runelord Sorshen was deliberately resurrected early after Shattered Star by a PC playing as one of her clones, with the result that she... wasn't redeemed (because that characterization didn't exist yet). And Alaznist won Return of the Runelords.

So New Thassilon much more closely resembles Old Thassilon than in canon.

Also the party decided to go all-in on corruption in Wrath of the Righteous. So most of Avistan is a war zone between Tar-Baphon, the Runelords, Cheliax, and Deskari's rapidly expanding demonic horde.

I once ran a sandbox type campaign. The party consisted of.
Gobbob Orchid
Ancestry: Goblin
Heritage: Duskwalker
Archetype: Oracle
Background: Molthuni Mercenary
Class: Psychic The Tangible Dream and Emotional Acceptance.
Gobbob felt no connection with his people, his often escape into his dream and fantasy,guided only by his emotion, forever dancing along to the maddening song of the world.
Petunia Lagoon
Ancestry: Azarketi
Heritage: Changeling
Archetype: Gelid Shard
Background: Godless Graycloak
Class: Thaumaturge Bell and Chalice
Patunia was never one to misused power, especially magic, she know that since her birth, she first join the church to resist the call, but she find that she escape one corruption to another, she now working as Graycloaks, guided by her sense of justice, and innate talent for magic, she is ready to make the world a better place.
Kaleb Marigold
Ancestry: Halfling
Heritage: Beastkin (Rat)
Archetype: Ghost
Background: Aspiring Free Captain
Class: Spirit Instinct Barbarian
Kaleb before dead was an aspiring free captain, but his dream shatter, when he died on his first battle, but his rage tie his spirit to the mortal realm, now his unlife goal is to find and kill every person that have wrong him.
Lotus the Charmer
Ancestry: Vishkanya
Heritage: Keen-Venom Vishkanya
Archetype: Blessed One
Background: Circus Born
Class: Bard Polymath muse
Lotus is an eccentric girl, she love to travel with her circus, travelling to villiage to villiage, city to city, and even nation to nation, she worship Likha, and try her best to support all form of play and theater.
Ancestry: Ghoran
Heritage: Sylph
Archetype: Sleepwalker
Background: Eclipseborn
Class: Rogue Eldritch Trickster
Hydrangea have always been a curious fellow, dabble in strange and occult magic, to find that even more unknowable secret await him, born under a solar eclipse, ill-fortune are always around him, but even when he draw all the bad card in life, he still doesn't give in to the ill-omen, and strive to better, with each and every interation.
Lupine Jenga
Ancestry: Fetchling
Heritage: Dhampir
Archetype: Exorcist
Background: Alkenstar Tinker
Class: Inventor Construct Innovation
Lupine grew up in Alkenstar, and always wanted to learn more about where she came from, she study both the mechanical and chemical, and love to go on expedition out to the mana waste, she sometime even get to visit Geb and awe at the architecture, but her main goal is to live the Vampire fantasy of having a kindgdom to called her own.
The party meet up at the boarder between Druma, Isger and Molthuni. Gobbob just goes with the flow, Petunia is on vacation, Kaleb is seeking his target, and sense one of them is near here, Lotus circus just happen to be traveling from Molthuni to Druma, Hydrangea was just travelling to a cilent in Isger, and Lupine want to set her kingdom inbetween these three kingdom. Series of event happen, some combat was involve, and some people were freed, than time-skip 3 years later, because the party decided that, the event wasn't enough of a reason to stick together. Now Lupine kingdom is in serious danger, Hydrangea is wanted by high ranking criminal, Lotus circus is on the run from anti-fun oganization, Kaleb is running away from multiple ghost hunter, Petunia is on a undercover mission in Lupindom, and Gobbob just went with flow, and all of them meet at the same place they meet 3 years ago.

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