What the heck is this? (Why in the 9 Hells did they put politics in the game?)

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While the target audience and intention of the Gaming is for All section has been discussed before on our forums, the approach in this thread personally attacks other individuals, dismisses and belittles those with alternate viewpoints, and engages in several behaviors which violate forum guidelines.

We're happy when we hear that there are gamers who have not had to experience homophobia, racism, misogyny or other forms of bigotry and exclusion at the gaming table. Unfortunately, that is not something that our community can all say. If you don't feel that you or your gaming table needs to hear this, that is wonderful. Thank you for promoting an inclusive, fun, welcoming gaming environment. However, it is not acceptable to apply your lack of experience with being excluded from gaming to the entire community.

For further context on the discourse of the topic in the community, please reference these three threads:
August 6th 2018
August 29th 2018
September 9th 2018

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