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Hey there Everybody,

This is your reminder that TODAY, December 31st is your last day to submit Pathfinder Playtest feedback to us via the surveys. The surveys will close at midnight PST. You can find links to all of the surveys on the Pathfinder Playtest Page.

In addition, these boards will be archived soon as well.

There will be a blog going over this a bit more tomorrow as well, but just in case you miss that...


Thank you for taking part in this playtest. We know it has not been easy. We know that passions have flared at times. But despite all that, it has been worth it. We are hard at work on the final version of the game and we could not do it without you!

So once again, from everyone at Paizo, thank you and have a Happy New Year!

Jason Bulmahn
Director of Game Design

Thank you for the heads up. I emailed a reminder to my playtest players, too.

I already filled out the Doomsday Dawn surveys, but I left the general surveys to the end and probably won't finish them before my friends drag me off on New Year's Eve activities. Next, I hope to post the write-up of my last Doomsday Dawn game session on January 1. I tend to procrastinate on those write-ups.

As for paasions, I am a statistician and would love to discuss applying Latent Dirichlet Allocation to your survey results, but that really is more than you need. :-)

I had fun in the playtest and the theory and practice of game design.

Just finished submitting the last of my surveys! I saved all the non-Doomsday Dawn surveys to the end, so I've been chugging through them to get them all in on time.

Been nagging my players to finish and submit their surveys, so hopefully they'll get in on time as well.

It's been a hectic period trying to prepare sessions when I arguably should have be doing other things, but it's been a fun ride and both my group and I are looking forward to seeing how PF2 turns out. We'll probably be finishing the remaining parts of Doomsday Dawn at a slower pace, just for fun and to see how things turn out. So thanks for everything you've done thus far, and good luck for all your work in the coming year.

Can we still play and report Pathfinder version 2 games and get credit for it, even with survey's closed?

Edit: found some posts in another thread that says yes.

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