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Approximately 30 minutes after events opened my wife and I had nothing to play. Gone, all gone. Every game we wanted to play was sold out. I had even built our wish list last week so I could get in the line. But after I hit submit list I was put in line behind 4700 other lists. By the time my list got up, every event on it was sold out. We ended up getting seats in 2 games. That's it.

After working all of gencon last year, and scheduled to work all of Origins this year, we were really looking forward to enjoying ourselves at Gencon by playing our high level characters in one last hurrah at Gallowspire.

I'm hoping that more seats will open up for the specials, but I doubt it. See you there.

Impressive! :-(

I'm sorry for your misfortunes, but I'm likewise not surprised. Whenever we've wanted to sign up for events, almost every Pathfinder and D&D 5E event was sold out well before we had a chance to look at them, so this isn't news to me.

However, to add on to that, our group won't be able to make it to Gencon this year either, both due to financial as well as commitment issues. (A new vehicle is not cheap or easy to recover from.)

That being said, I have been playing the Playtest with our group for a while now, even after it's ended, and it's been a blast being on both ends of the screen. Between psyching players out with the threat of Attacks of Opportunity (among other reactions), as well as creating and acquiring new powers as a character (a Sorcerer with a Golden Dragon Head staff which can spout a cone of flame ranging from 15 to 60 feet based on the quality of staff via spending Resonance, with a 50% effectiveness if used again within a minute).

Even if we can't be there for an event, I'm looking forward to opening a great new chapter in the realm of fantasy when we purchase the updated and revised Core Rulebook for Pathfinder 2.0.

Wait were the tables sold out for PF2 or PF1 games? I'm confused but I never go to cons anyway outside of a little one that's more tablet top games in general(So some RPGs, some card and board, a LOT of War games)

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