May dhampir bite twice with grapple feats ?

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I created a dhampir tetori with Fangs in PFS, if i have the feats Blood Drinker,improve grapple, greater grapple, and rapid grappler, may i grapple a foe with standard act, maintain the hold with move act by greater grapple to bite and use Blood Drinker, then maintain the hold with swift act by rapid grappler to bite and use Blood Drinker again ?

As far as I can tell nothing prevents this in theory however Blood Drinker is not a PFS legal feat according to the Archives of Nethys website which is considered an official rules source I believe for PFS. Even if it was legal the feat itself states that feeding off an unwilling intelligent creature is an evil act. Repeated use of this feat would likely cause an alignment shift towards evil and eventually require costly atonement spells or the loss of the ability to play the character as you may not play an evil character in PFS to my knowledge.

thanks for your explain, it help me a lot

You’re welcome :)

Normally, you can only drink blood from an opponent who is helpless, grappled, paralyzed, pinned, unconscious, or similarly disabled. If you have a bite attack, you can drink blood automatically as part of your bite attack; otherwise, you must first cut your target by dealing 1 hit point of damage with a slashing or piercing weapon (though you may feed upon a creature with severe wounds or a bleed effect without cutting it first). Once you cut the target, you can drink from its wound as a standard action. Drinking blood deals 2 points of Constitution damage to the creature you feed upon.

Drinking is a standard action so you cannot drink twice from a target that is cut.

On occasion, a dhampir may inherit his father’s lengthy canines. Whenever the dhampir makes a grapple combat maneuver check to damage an opponent, he can choose to bite his opponent, dealing 1d3 points of damage as if using a natural bite attack. As a standard action, the dhampir can bite a creature that is bound, helpless, paralyzed, or similarly unable to defend itself. This racial trait replaces the spell-like ability racial trait.

Even if you have the fang alternate racial trait it is still a standard action to bite a helpless target.

So, no you cannot drink twice in a round.

Dhampir race on AoN where {scroll down} Fangs are a legal option which replaces your SLA Det UnD{or other} 3/d. In PFS Dhampir does take a boon to access the race, so show your paperwork to your GM. You can freely rework the character until 2nd level.

Grapple general search on AoN
generally you can inflict damage (one standard action attack) in a grapple with a 1Hnd/lgt/spike or natural weapon or UnarmdStrk. I can't see how you'd get two attacks unless one was a free/interrupt/swift action.

Dear all, thanks for all your reply, it's first time i have the paper to create a Dhampirs so always consider how to show its feature but didn't notice that blood drink is illegal in PFS.

To "Mysterious Stranger" , cause the feats "greater grapple" allows maintaining the grapple in a move action, and the discribe of maintain the hold said "perform one of the following actions (as part of the standard action spent to maintain the grapple)", so i wondering if i can use this way to maintain the grapple to use nature attack by fangs and drink it once, so does rapid grapple

To clarify my earlier statement a little the Fangs alternate racial trait only allows you to make your bite attack as part of a combat maneuver check to maintain a grapple when you choose to deal damage as part of that check so you can’t use them to bite your target on the initial check to initiate the grapple. Yes Greater Grapple and Rapid Grappler allow you to make grapple checks to maintain a grapple as a move action and a swift action respectively. So on the second round of the grapple you may make up to 3 checks (as a standard, a move, and a swift action). On any successful check you may choose to deal damage with your bite attack so you can potentially bite your target up to 3 times starting in the second round of the grapple. As Mysterious Stranger quoted “If you have a bite attack, you can drink blood automatically as part of your bite attack” so drinking blood can be done as part of the action made to bite the target and can be done with each successful bite attack made so in this case up to 3 times potentially.

i'm really appreciate for your explain, now i understand, have a nice week

sadly though, the Blood Drinker feat is not PFS legal (as previously mentioned).

Advice (as you are creating a PFS PC)
I find healing for Dhampir's in PFS an issue. You will need a wand of Infernal Healing and the ability to use it freely. Potions are available at $50. Read the Items that can Save You thread.

I also want to point out that you are building a 'lock-down grappler'. There are considerations to make for that build AND you have to get adjacent to a foe AND THEN grapple them. It's not that easy at higher levels where magic is more commonplace. PFS generally only goes to 12th level. There are builds in Advice or check the Build Guides.

You might consider Dirge Bard, Mage-killer(multiclass), or Shaman.

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