Can the Syringe Spear (AA) be filled with alchemist extracts?

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As the title, considering a theory build centered around the weapon (because I think it's cool).

You would need the Infusion discovery for it to have any effect, but I believe it works.

Note that there are some things that get a bit weird and shouldn't be allowed, specifically thinking of Skin Send.

Additional questions:
Would putting a mutagen in to nauseate enemies be possible?
For a build, which would be better, using syringe spears or injection spears (or both?)
For the injection spear, would it also take a minute to reload? A minute per dose? A standard action per dose?
How about using a bomb in one? (unlikely but seems worth considering)

the problem is the base Potions description (see Brew Potion) as the imbiber is considered the caster and is in control of the spell effect.
For instance, using Poisoner's Gloves with a Potion of Gaseous Form. Hitting the taget on your action would inject the potion and they would go gaseous (a good de-buff). On their turn as their standard action they may dismiss the spell. So the penalty only lasts a short time but it does burn their action.

Alchemists have other options and after failing a save nausea can occur. Still, it's not as good as the original effect.

Liberty's Edge

I am fairly sure there is a FAQ that says that at least some of the Range: Personal spells without a save get a save if used as infusions. Finding it is another matter, as it was made as an answer to a relatively unrelated question.

Paizo FAQ pages aren't easy to consult for a specific answer.

About the Mutagen:

AoN wrote:
A non-alchemist who drinks a mutagen must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 the alchemist’s level + the alchemist’s Intelligence modifier) or become nauseated for 1 hour

If you are injected with the Mutagen, you aren't drinking it.

Poisoner's Gloves {hands} $5000 1 use per day per glove (two gloves).
the other part of RAW to review is the (afflictions)Poison rules. there are various routes('vectors') to deliver a dose of poison effect. GMs want to have things balanced but pedantic RAW is Yes/No/Undefined.

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