couple of questions.

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I havent played in tears and just started a campaign game but have a couple of questions.

1. Sagacity-if Oloch displays it for his ability does the affect still happen because the card says as long as it is displayed?

2. If you explore and flip a monster can you cast cure before choosing your dice?


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1. No. "If you display a boon for any reason other than playing it, ignore its powers." (Core Set Rulebook p. 7)

2. Not usually. Once you flip the card the encounter has started, and under "Encountering a Card" (Core Set Rulebook p. 8, Mummy's Mask Rulebook p. 9) you'll find something like "During each step, characters may play only cards or use only powers that relate to that step...." Healing cards is an effect that doesn't normally relate to anything happening during an encounter.

Thank you

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