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I just finished Mummy Mask 6th adventure, therefore the whole campaign. I wanted to share the combo with Mavaro that I created.

Our Game Setup:
- 4 characters
- Mummy Musk Core Set
- Occultist Adventures Add-on 1 & 2
- Ultimate Equipment Add-on

I was playing with Mavaro from Add-on v2.

How I found my path to +13 combo:

After Adventure #B
Upgraded Power

You may discard (☐ or recharge) a card to search your deck for a card and set it aside; shuffle your deck, then put that card on top.

After Adventure #1

Upgraded Power
Play with the top card of your deck faceup. You gain all skills that could be used to acquire that card equal to your Knowledge skill. (☐ You may also add any of the card's traits to your checks.)

After Adventure #2

I went with Power Upgrade to 7 cards

Adventure #3
Till that point, Mavaro was an ok character, he had some trickery, but was no way bullet proof. I designed him to use spells with often having on top card with "Divine" trait in order to not banish them.

But here where all things started. Thanks to my tenacious card hunt and support from my team player in this task, I was able to collect those 2 cards till end of Adventure #3:
- Osirion_Ancestor
- Ring of Grasping Grave

What I do with them:
- I keep Osirion Ancestor always as a top card of my deck (if it's not at the start of my turn, I recharge one card to look for it and place it on top)
- My favorite card type is Item (Mavaro can choose it before every scenario)
- Whenever I have a check, I add to it Undead from Osirion Ancestor thanks to Mavaro's Power
- Since my check Invokes Undead trait, I can reveal Ring of Grasping Grave and add to this check Adventure Deck Number + d4, which currently is +4-7 per check.

Not that bad, after Adventure #3, the engine started to roll really good.

After Adventure #3
I chose Ghost Hunter expansion card for my Powers and I went straight up to Power Upgrade:

☐ When you would recharge or discard the weapon The Missing Eye, you may reveal it instead.

Adventure #4

I was lucky here. I took me only one scenario to get one final card I wanted:
- Ausetitha

My combo was complete! After start of scenario I was aiming to have 3 cards in my hand:
- The Missing Eye (Mavaros setup sword)
- Ring of Grasping Grave
- Ausetitha

How this works:
- Missing Eye is my primary weapon and I can just reveal it to place any card on top - no more recharging cards from hand unless I want to
- I keep Osirion Ancestor always on top
- To every check I add Undead trait
- Since my trait invokes Undead trait, I reveal Ring of Grasping Grave, which gives me now +5-8 to any check
- If thats not enough, I can always add +5 after the roll with Ausetitha, becase I play my favorite card type (Item) to EVERY CHECK

So in total I have +10-13 to any check. In next scenarios this number grows up to +12-15, because Ring of Grasping Grave is Veteran.

One weak point of this combo is that Ausetitha will be buried, if Mavaro gets curse. That will decrease combos potential, but not destroy it entirely. However, in my team there was Alahazara, who checked top cards, so such danger was low. I also collected cards that can help me evade cards with curses, like:
- Elder Sign

This kind of build allowed to have some nice improvements from other cards. I built Mavaros cards like this (till the Adventure #6):
- 2 Weapons
- 6 Spells
- 6 Items
- 2 Alies
- 4 Blessings

- Blessing of Maat was always a must-have for every character in our team
- Blessing of Urgathoa - this one will always give me 2 dice to any of my check, because it always invoke Undead trait
- Blessing of the Pallid Princess - same here
- Blessing of Savored Sting - This one is so much fun. I kept it for that reroll if things go south and it can give big bonus to the check

Spells (not all of them, I changed them sometimes)
- Elder Sign - to evade banes with curses
- Commune It's basicly 5th Blessing for me
- Swipe Good for support and it hits pretty decent with my combo around
- Symbol of Fortune - basicly another Blessing of Maat

Items (not all of them, I changed them sometimes)
- Ring of Grasping Grave - must-have for my combo
- Sacred Candle - basicly 6th Blessing in my deck
- Djinn - served me well as an additional armor for most of the game
- Sun Falcon Pectoral - good for exploration
- wayfinder - same here

- Ausetitha
- Osirion_Ancestor - both ladies are must have for my combo and there are no more slots left

Armors - I changed them a lot, here is a sample bad boy Ive got:
- Skyplate Armor

Of course there was also room for Healing in this deck - I used healing items (Staff of Minor Healing), Armors with healing effect or Cure spells as last resort. Later on this character didn't have to heal that much because he was not getting much damage and was keeping Blessings to support other teammates.

- Strength +2
- Intelligence +4
- Wisdom +2

This is my build-up. I'm aware that my cards (outside of the ones used for combo) are not the strongest ones, but they did their job. We also shared evenly good cards among all of our 4 characters in the team.

Entertaining thing is, that you can shape this version of Marvelo anyway you like. You can keep this combo running and go with more offensive spells or pack him up with even more items. Possibilities are limitless.

If you have a chance - go ahead and try this combo out. It's very fun. suddenly, you can recover armor, that recharges with Craft 13 Check. Any spell that recharges with e.g. Divine 16 check is easy peasy. No to mention some weird checks with villains and other banes.

If you made till this point of my post - thanks for reading and please let me know what you think of this combo! :)

Thanks for posting.
I have always looked at Mavaro, but never played him as the moving parts were really complex.
This is a good resource for me to pull apart and understand the parts
Much appreciated!

Thanks Matsu! I hope my description gave you some hints and encouraged to play this fun character :)

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