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Adventure 1B has two dangers. So, when you encounter a danger, do you get to pick or is it random which of the two you encounter?

Whenever there are several Dangers listed, you always encounter a random one. It should be somewhere in the rule book.
Note that some scenarios (like one with the wizard's manor in Dragon's Demand) list several random Dangers. Such as Eldritch bane (lists can be found on one of the cards) ... which, in that scenario, can be a Homunculus that might be in the decks as a henchman. So, if you would randomly meet Homunculus that is somewhere in a location, roll once again for another random Danger.

It's on page 14 of the rulebook under the Summoned Cards and New Cards section in the Summon and Encounter heading:

...If you're told to summon and encounter the danger, summon the danger listed by the scenario and encounter it; if the scenario lists more than one danger, randomly choose one of them...

Jenceslav wrote:
... Note that some scenarios list dangers that might be in the decks as a henchman...

I would recommend in that case to replace the henchman by a proxy and keep the original card available to be encountered either as an henchamn or a danger.

That's why we have proxies...

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