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I just binged watch the entire 1st season of 10 shows this weekend (Netflix). This show is IMO amazing...

barbarians with falchions - check
monks / kung fu masters - check
fine looking ladies - check
siege engines - check
assassins - check
profession merchant checks to assess combat readiness of an outpost based on the amount of horse feed left - check

okay I am late here, but I am watching this show right now and its really quite great.

So far my favorite character has been Kublai...some great acting and he seems to get all the best lines.

I am surprised there is not more discussion here on the show, since at times it feels more like a secondary world fantasy show than anything else.

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I am... not at all surprised that there's not more discussion. This show is a train wreck. I hated it. Kublai Kahn was the only interesting character. I tuned in hoping for an interesting historical drama a la Borgias or Tudors and got bad fantasy that was too scared to make the white character a side character even when said character is literally more an observer than anything else. But no... we need him to learn kung-fu... from a blind monk... because reasons.

I actually liked the blind monk character as long as they kept him in the castle. I could pretend that he was only such a badass because he was so familiar with his surroundings that he could feel changes in the air currents, scents, etc. Then they had him become a secret agent. Who is somehow still extremely effective... I can't talk about this anymore.

1 star out of 5

The guy playing Kublai Khan has great charisma and screen presence, but it's not enough to carry the lame scripts, bad directing, massive historical inaccuracies, and all the other stuff Ryuko already mentioned.

Also, it's ostensibly about Mongolia, but the only Mongolian actor in the entire show (Baljinnyamyn Amarsaikhan) gets killed a few episodes in. Pretty much everyone else in the cast seems to be Chinese, American/English/Australian, or both. Well, at least they got an Italian guy to play Marco Polo, so I guess that's something.

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I loved the show too MMCJawa... that part when they go meet the grandfather of the assassins threw me back to 1st editions AD&D... :)

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