Bastard Executioner


Anyone watching? Looks interesting. I dvr the pilot but haven't watched it yet.

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I managed to catch everything but the first act last night. It was pretty entertaining, if not being slightly lost and figuring out character motivations from missing the first 45m. I'll probably dvr the rest of the season, but one thing I really don't like about it is the completely ripped off from NCIS cut to gray before commercials :P

Silver Crusade

I watched the whole thing, I like the characters so far and am interested in learning more. The Fight/Battle scenes are pretty awesome . I will continue watching

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Yeah, it just got cancelled.

Eh. Tried too hard to be like Game of Thrones, saw a 'Where I Watch' review by a fellow on and he wasn't impresssed with the characters.

All I know about it is it apparently wasn't very good at English history. Which would match the "trying to be Game of Thrones" vibe I get from it. That said, this doesn't necessarily make the rest of the show bad. I'm withholding judgement.

I just felt like it wasn't good at English history OR just trying to out do Game of Thrones.

If they wanted a good historical drama with all the blood and such, they could have done better with more...I dunno historical accuracy and less violence porn/crap porn.

Sovereign Court

Good thing too. The show was horrible.

The guy who set himself on fire and dual-wielded swords was pretty hardcore.

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