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Not sure where this fits, honestly, so I just stuck it here.

Web animations, or just obscure animations that preferably aren't super long and don't require too much of an investment to view.

Kindling, a fairly neat and cleverly-animated creation myth.

Second Wind, a pretty weird animation that nonetheless looks really cool and has a kind of fun story. For some reason, parts of it remind of of Adventure Time.

Alight, another creation myth involving the elements. While not hugely original, it's very polished and very pretty, and I found it pretty satisfying. Kinda makes me think of a certain portion of Fantasia 2000.

Entropy, a short I really like featuring some pretty music and some cool character design.

Ghost, a very music-based animation I'm sure many of you have seen. It's very subtle, very clever, and very original.

Fiddlegriff Animation has some very well-made animated shorts on his/her channel, though, like most animators I've found, he/she seems to have gone inactive. I personally like Evenfall and Reversal of the Heart.

Balance, an award-winning piece of stop-motion. It's totally voiceless and musicless, and that really sells the somewhat disturbing message.

Heart, a curiously similar non-stop-motion award-winning short which is also kind of disturbing. Heart is extremely weird and original, and very open to interpretation, which I like.

Zombillenium, a downright bizarre...trailer? I hear they're working on a movie now. Nonetheless, the animation style sure is awesome.

Solstice, a beautifully animated western? animated short. It kinda looks like a trailer, though it isn't one—more's the pity.

Wolf Song, a sad but kind of sweet story about a mother wolf and a dumbass kid. The same creator did Tiny Nomad, which I haven't seen but really love the score to.

Crayon Dragon, a really adorable, quirky short about creativity.

Element Animation. Getting a bit less serious, now, Element Animation is an awesome web-based studio that produces some pretty funny videos—some Minecraft-based, some fully original. "Villager News" is always a lot of totally ridiculous fun, and most of "The Crack" is great. I particularly like "The Crack! - Christmas".

Feel free to post your own recommendations!

Oh, forgot a couple more.

Invention of Love, for lovers of steampunk/clockpunkiness, about the fading of living things in favor of synthetic equivalents.

And a couple downright lovely animations of Portal 2 scenes (warning: spoilers lie ahead).

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Oh, and how could I forget RWBY? The dialogue and voice acting can be a bit off-putting, but they get a lot better in the second season. It's got some stupendous action choreography (easily the strongest point of the whole show) and a neat "CG anime" style. And there's two whole seasons of it! Sometimes the fights get a bit too predictably curbstomp-y, but at least it always looks damn cool.

Ember is another very pretty one. This one's also very short. I love the way the backgrounds are drawn.

It might be NSFW and it might be a better fit for this topic, but it does qualify as a Cool Web Animation...

I'm speaking of Cassette Girl, of course. If you press EN at the top right corner, you'll get english subtitles (protip).

Of course, if you really had your heart set on watching something a bit more family friendlier, there's always The Ultraman; Same protip. All your favorite Major Showa Ultras, now in animated form, plus a more obscure Tokusatsu hero that was based on this fellow.

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