Gravity Falls S2 Coming Out August 1st!


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The Shack is Back!

Gravity Falls is easily my favorite animated series currently on TV, and arguably the one good TV show Disney's got. We can only hope for a full season!


But also Dammit!

I don't get XD anymore....

I swear, they take all the actually good shows, put them on the normal channel once and then put them on XD.
They did the same thing with Wander Over Yonder.

They're just trying to make you pay for the actually good channel in addition to the lame one. >:(

Yeah, I don't get telly at all. I'll have to track down a stream, if I can. It's always easy with pony, anyways.

Awesome. This is the reminder I needed to finish season 1

How's that going?

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
How's that going?

I've decided to start at the beginning, starting when I get home from work tonight. Soon. So soon.

Gotten started yet? I wish to relive my GF-watching through another!

Watched the first couple of episodes list night. It doesn't matter how many times I see it, the reveal of Norman always cracks me up. Tonight is Rick and Morty night though, will be back into GF tomorrow

The first good show that Disney has had since Kim Possible. Good work Disney it took you 6-7 years just for one good one.

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Hey, you guys seen the shorts? There were, like, twenty Gravity Falls shorts released between seasons. Lots of fun!

Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained (all 6 parts)

Mabel's Guide to Life (all five shorts)

Fixin' It With Soos (all two shorts)

TV Shorts (Part One / Part Two)

Mabel's Scrapbook (all two shorts)

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber

"The Tooth", "Lefty" and "Trip to the Petting Zoo"'m surprised this is Modern Disney, then again I'm shocked Gravity Falls made it on their network. It feels much more like a show from the peak of Cartoon Network. In tone if not in execution, anyway.

I just hope Season 2 get's a better treatment in regards to scheduling and air time than Season 1 did. I kept thinking they were out to kill it with the bizarre new episode randomly every couple of weeks thing they had going.

Tonights viewing was sadly postponed, as I realised I hadn't submitted my Massive Chalice info yet, and I want to make sure it gets into the final game. So I've been obsessing over that all night.

Probably won't be able to watch any more til Sunday as well with work and games over the next few days.

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It does feel more like a show you would see on old school Cartoon Network.

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Next episode is coming out tomorrow!

This is so exciting! This is easily one of the best shows I've seen! So good!





I really need to see the new episode.

My wife and I are still catching up.

(I've seen all but the most recent, but she hasn't.)

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Oh man. Season One had some dark moments (mostly episodes with Gideon, they hit pretty high on the creepy factor for a current kids show - ignoring things like Adventure Time that clearly intended for adults while pretending to be for kids... yes kids still love it, but that show is crazy dark), particularly the second last episode Dreamscaperers (gotta love Bill Cipher)...

But the second season, that's kicked it up to a whole new level. It's not constant, and the show is still definitely kid friendly, but they've been tackling some actual real issues in it (in a relatively lighthearted manner) as well as increasing the frequency of the dark and/or creepy situations.

Some spoilered examples (these do include stuff from the latest episode, Northwest Mansion Noir, so beware):

Real issues being dealt with:
  • "Soos and the Real Girl" deals with the fact that Soos' grandmother wants to see him with a girlfriend, because she worries about him... Soos finds a dating video game and comes to think of the girl from it as the perfect girlfriend because it requires no effort on his part. Rest of the episode deals with him learning and coming to understand that he can't just lock himself into something that isn't real, and that he has to take chances sometimes. Being Gravity Falls, he realises this by going out on a date with a real girl and then having to save her and the twins from the revenge of the insane virtual girlfriend, but you know, it still works.
  • "Into The Bunker" has Dipper finally reveal his feelings to Wendy, only to discover that he hasn't been as subtle as he thought so she already knew... Wendy points out the age difference problem, and he starts to accept that it isn't going to happen.
  • "Blendin's Game" follows up the fact that the twins essentially ruined Blendin's life due to the events of "The Time Traveler's Pig", and explains that Soos hates his birthday because it reminds him of the fact that his father was never around for him as a child.
  • "The Love God" has Mabel realise that trying to playing matchmaker with her friends has consequences, because not everyone's feelings are easy to spot. Also shows that loveable goof Thompson, who is the Butt Monkey of the group, takes on that role willingly because, as the butt of the group's jokes and antics, he becomes the glue that holds them together.
  • "Northwest Mansion Noir" reveals why Pacifica is the way she is. She's been raised to be snooty, arrogant and to look down on everyone... and she'll do whatever her parents say, because they've taught her that nothing is more important than their family and what they want. Hell they even have her trained to stop arguing with them on demand, using a bell to signal her to stop talking. Her breaking past that and realising that her family aren't very nice people, as well as her crowning moment of awesome where she finally disobeys her father in order to save everyone, is beautiful to watch.

Creepy/Dark stuff in the second season:
  • "Into The Bunker" has an evil shapeshifter that's clearly inspired by John Carpenter's "The Thing", and it's pretty damn horrifying. Also has a moment where you're led to believe that Wendy is dead, but they don't let it hanging too long since, you know, kids show
  • "Sock Opera" is the return of Bill Cipher, this time doing a body snatcher routine, and the way he plays Dipper is just horrifyingly off, enough that you wonder why the others don't notice. The puppet guy is weird too
  • "The Society of the Blind Eye" has the titular society, a group dedicated to keeping the people of Gravity Falls placid and unaware of the supernatural events around them. While they have good intentions, they are essentially kidnapping people and stealing their memories. Also reveals what happened to Old Man McGucket to make him crazy... the things he saw scared him so much he removed vast amounts of his own memory
  • "Northwest Mansion Noir" has... well, almost every g*$%+!n scene with the ghost. The first scene probably takes the cake, with the creepy room filled with hunting trophies that begin talking as blood initially drips, then pours, out of their mouths as the begin to rhyme about "the sins of the past"... or the body horror when it finally takes revenge, as it begins to turn guests into wood (it starts from the feet, so that they know what's happening and you can see the horror on their faces). Even the tragic way he died is pretty dark... he was trapped in a mudslide, struggling to stop himself from sinking when an axe was thrown into the air from a falling tree and hit him in the head. You get a clear look of horror on his face, then get his point of view as it spins closer and closer before cutting to black.

Still an amazing show, but they're definitely ramping up the dark/creepy factor in the second season. I'm really impressed that they've managed to keep it as suitable for young viewers as it is while keeping that vibe and the fascinating story.

And yeah, can't wait to see what the deal with that countdown is.

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YEah, the last I saw was "Sock Opera", I've been way behind on keeping up with what few shows I watch since. I still have this, Adventure Time, and the last few episodes of Korra to see. I just haven't had time.

Orthos wrote:
YEah, the last I saw was "Sock Opera", I've been way behind on keeping up with what few shows I watch since. I still have this, Adventure Time, and the last few episodes of Korra to see. I just haven't had time.

Loved Sock Opera. Struck a good balance of crazy Mabel antics and Dipper's investigation.

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Damn, that episode was good.

I didn't think anything could convince me Pacifica and Dipper could get along, but they seem to be working towards an awkward romance—and I'm actually buying it. Very cute, aside from the axes and bloody animals.

Episode ten was an absolutely phenomenal episode.

(Also, spoilers, dude.)

EDIT: for clarity

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