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Hey there!

Me and my gaming group have been working on something..
For the past year we have been writing, endlessly tinkering and perfecting a story about a subject we all love; roleplaying games. From the beginning it was clear to us that our tale was best told in the form of a web series. We grew more attached to our characters week after week going to sessions and slinging dice. We are positive that our audience (you guys!) will grow attached to our protagonists (and antagonists even more so) episode after episode.

Our story follows a group of adventurers hailing from a region aptly named the Claw. Through various campaigns the players have explored the GM's homebrew setting and shared the land's intrigues and battles. The Claw has always been secluded from the rest of the world by a mysterious barrier and the players have been left in the dark about what is behind it. Until now, of course.

The first episode has already been made without any budget, you can view it here: Beyond the Barrier: Episode 1. Pilot

Also feel free to comment on the pilot or Kickstarter, ask questions about the story, or give feedback! (Both positive feedback and constructive criticism is welcome and even helpful!)

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(Thanks Nullpunkt!)
A little update about Beyond the Barrier.
Some of you expressed their concerns about the high shipping costs for people outside of Europe. Those PM's helped us a lot!
Now we have addressed those issues by adding more cool stuff to our low shipping cost rewards!

If the shipping costs were your big obstacle than fear not, the dragon has been slain.
Interested? You can find the page here: http://tinyurl.com/initium-btb-ks

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