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I've not seen any threads dedicated to Scyfi's two new (ish) shows. Is anyone watching them? Is anyone enjoying them?

Feels like they could inhabit the same universe that was build from the leftover scraps from Firefly.

I'm loving both of them but I'll give the slight edge to Dark Matter.

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I've been watching them both.

Neither of them is a Stargate Universe, being more on the Warehouse 13, Sanctuary and Eureka side of things, but both of them are pretty entertaining. Dark Matter, IMO, is a bit more serious than Killjoys (and has twice as many main characters, so it's got more plots running), but Killjoys is fun on its own.

Watched about 6 episodes of Killjoys, and enjoying it.

Watched the pilot of Dark Matter and found it mind numbingly f*~&ing dull, so I saw no reason to continue.

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Rynjin wrote:

Watched about 6 episodes of Killjoys, and enjoying it.

Watched the pilot of Dark Matter and found it mind numbingly f@#@ing dull, so I saw no reason to continue.

I'd suggest you pick it up again, if possible. Dark Matter surprised me with how complex the charaters turned out to be.

I have been watching both... At first I liked Dark Matter more and Killjoys not nearly as much. But that has reversed as the plot lines in Killjoys are far more interesting as I get to know the setting more.

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Both are pretty neat. Of the two, I'm invested a little more in Dark Matter, but that has more to do with the android (especially after the guest spot from Ruby Rose).

I didn't like the android, mostly because she was played by Dr. Blandy McWhinyb**@~ from Lost Girl.

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Well, you would have loved the Ruby Rose episode.

Dark Matter has a few uninspiring actors such as "poor man's Paul Rudd" and "budget Jayne Cobb". But having a larger cast than Killjoys makes for some fun group dynamics.

Killjoys really only has three main characters but one is Aaron Ashmore and how how can you not like Aaron Ashmore?

Both suffer from having abysmal fight choreography.

I enjoy them both and I am very happy to see space adventure back on the small screen.

I am watching both and enjoying both of them.

I'll give Dark Matter another shot when I'm out of shows to watch.

Rynjin wrote:
I didn't like the android, mostly because she was played by Dr. Blandy McWhinyb@~#@ from Lost Girl.

Yeah, I think I might have liked her in the beginning of Lost Girl, but at a certain point that character just annoyed me. I ALMOST didn't continue watching Dark Matter just because of her and decided to keep watching it anyway. It actually turned out to be better than I expected though the first episode had me thinking "Oh great, another grou of people who lost their memories". Fortunately, I decided to keep watching it and glad I did.

I'm also watching Killjoys. I started liking it better, but now I think I like Dark Matter better. Although this most recent episode I thought was really interesting and I'm interested in seeing how the dynamic is going to be changing between the crew now.

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Both are good enjoyable shows.

Neither's the best show ever, but they're both fun and are certainly both putting me in the right mood for the Firefly RPG game I'm to play in shortly.

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You are all forgetting the biggest reason to watch them.

They're not Sharknado 57, wrestling, or Ghost Hunter Reality B$&~$&&$. SyFy needs all the encouragement it can get in regards to legitimate programing.

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I'm really liking Killjoys. I love that the pilot/engineer is also pretty badass. I am really tired of the nerdy guy can't fight trope.

Dark matter though, I like it, but I don;t like how full of archtypes it is. Kid genius, android with feelings, Asian swordmaster. I really do wish that had added some more originality. The first episode I saw the kid I knew she was "special" either assassin, or tech genius, before she said a word. Quiet Asian guy, I was just waiting for the sword and samurai story. Sometime classic archtype are good, but sometimes they get old.

While Dark Mater might get some flack for lack or originality I appreciate that none of the characters are neglected. They all get a chance to perform. The dude playing 4, aka "the asian guy" just jumped into that role and is turning it to something better than what was on paper. His physicality is impressive and I bet dollars to donuts he trains in martial arts because he certainly looks like he's been doing it for years.

Always drives me crazy when they ask actors to do martial arts and they obviously lack form with kicks having zero hip rotation and poor flexibility such that their kick can only go so high as the opponents waist. (yeah I'm looking at you Lost Girl)

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Dark Matter landed on Netflix recently and I made it through the entire season. I was surprised that I enjoyed it. All the comments posted before me certainly exist like, "amnesia plots, evil corporations, budget jayne cobb, and one ship one crew many adventures" Despite them trotting out all the old standbys, its still a pretty fun show if you dont take it too seriously.

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