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Hello all
I need help with pretty much what's on the tin for this thread; I'm curious about taking weapon specialist and don't know what feats (if any) outside of Weapon Focus/Spec - which I've already taken for my main weapon - I can apply. To make things even worse for me, I'm playing a Rondelero duelist (Buckler duelist according to the dreaded d20pfsrd site), which only took away weapon training 1 but still allows the weapon training at later levels. I'm going to hopefully hit 9th within a couple of weeks and need to get ready in case I get to radically alter my feat progression plans.

If anyone needs to see the archetype, here's the Archives of Nethys link: Taldor Rondelero Duelist

Any and all help is supremely appreciated!

What do youbmean by "Weapon Specialist"? Just really good with your one weapon?

Also what are your stats/feats/etc so far?

EDIT: Having now read the archetype I'm assuming you want to be super good with the Falcata. Have you gone the suggested two-weapon-fighting route?

MrCharisma wrote:

What do youbmean by "Weapon Specialist"? Just really good with your one weapon?

Also what are your stats/feats/etc so far?

EDIT: Having now read the archetype I'm assuming you want to be super good with the Falcata. Have you gone the suggested two-weapon-fighting route?

I thought I was pretty explicit, so apologies. I was wondering what feats specifically require a specific weapon ala Weapon Focus? My character is STR 20 DEX 17 CON 14 INT 10 WIS 11 CHA 8 and has taken pretty much all the recommended feats except for Improved TWF and Shield Slam as I had to take the Dual Talent human feature to make the strength/dex work for my character since we were playing 15 PT buy. I will be taking ITWF next level, and was considering the Specialist feat to see if I could jump a couple of levels on Weapon Trick: Shield charge which normally requires BAB 11. These stats are after a re-gearing thanks to taking an enemy's treasure hoard at level 7, so I have a +2 falcate, +1 buckler (both as a weapon and as a shield), and a belt of physical might +2 (STR/DEX).

I eventually want to take both the Shield Charge weapon trick (BAB 11 and Shield Focus requirements) as well as Two-weapon Rend (BAB 11, Two-weapon fighting, Improved two-weapon fighting, Double Slice).

This shouldn't be in the Rules Questions forums. You won't find the help you're looking for here, since most of the people on this forum are looking to help with knowledge of the objective rules for rules-related questions. You should post this in the "Advice" forum for Pathfinder First Edition.

That being said, your best bet is just to hit up the Combat Feat section of "the dreaded d20pfsrd site"

Most higher level prereq combat feats will require weapon focus as a prereq. But asking us to help you make your character is a bit weird, as we don't know anything about him. If you're asking for a min-max'd build, I'm certain someone in the advice forum will be willing to show off and help you mix-max it, other than that people will need to know more about your character.

Personally, I'd build into combat maneuvers that are able to be performed with your weapon (so that you keep your bonuses with the weapon). Getting greater trip isn't too shabby for a TWF, since it maintains your amount of "damaging" attacks, and increases your likelihood of hitting those attacks (enemy becomes AC -4 after being tripped). I know these don't quality for weapon specialist, just as a general rule it's where I typically take my martial fighters. Also look into Called Shots.

EDIT: Here is the "weapon specialist" he was talking about, it's an Advanced Weapon Training option

"The fighter selects a number of combat feats that he knows equal to his weapon training bonus with the associated weapon group. The selected feats must be ones that require the fighter to choose a type of weapon (such as Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization), and the fighter must have chosen weapons that belong to the associated fighter weapon group. The fighter is treated as having the selected feats for all the weapons in the associated weapon group that are legal choices for those feats. The fighter is also considered to have those feats with these weapons for the purpose of meeting prerequisites."

It's at level 9 that he plans to acquire this rather than gaining the benefit of "weapon training 2", since Buckler Duelist archetype only replaces "weapon training 1".

That's just to clarify, this should still be going into the Advice Forum... You may want to clarify in your question that you're talking about the Advanced Weapon Training ability

Also, you should know that your bonus from "Strong Swing" gained from the Buckler Duelist archetype does *not* qualify as your weapon training bonus. Meaning this Advanced Weapon Training Option really wouldn't apply to you unless you *also* find a way to gain "Weapon Training, Heavy Blades"

Your Bonus from Strong Swing also would not be increased by items such as "Gloves of Dueling."

this is per this FAQ:

Strong Swing never references granting a "weapon training" bonus, the way that the Dragoon "spear training" does. So your character would only start to benefit from this if you take Weapon Training, Heavy Blades at 9, then get Advanced Weapon training option some other way (feat, waiting until level 13, etc..)

Okay, how does one delete this thread?

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