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First off I do not have any answer for those people who are looking.
I was wondering and here seemed the best place to put it if you (the pathfinder designers) could give a Q and A.
Remarking on what changes you made where and why?
The difference between 3.5 and pathfinder and the differences between pathfinder beta and pathfinder.

I liked the racial hit point bonus presented in beta but I do not think for a moment I think I know more about game design than you however I would still like to see how you came to revert back the old way.

Even if the answer was we really didn't have enough time to test all the different methods and see if it was balanced.

Well thats my one but I am sure if you had a design Q and A there would be a number of readers.

To anyone that is interested in a difference between pathfinder and the beta or the 3.5 system.
Please list your questions on changes.
If even for the catharsis of it.

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