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Seriously: Brass Knuckles and Monk unarmed damage

Fly spells and hovering

Would you allow this to bypass wind wall?

Question about False Focus in PFS Play

Errata request: It appears my psychic can no longer go to town.

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

Scorpion Whip FAQ request #584

Shield Master

Sohei Armor Flurry (FAQ Request)

Two polearm fighting?

Charging with a Vital Strike

Illusion + Flanking = Works?

Can a Belt of Giant Strength be upgraded to a belt of Physical Might?

Does dropping objects on an enemy end invisibility?

Limitations on using acid splash as a utility spell

Purify Food and Drink on waste

FAQ: Spells that target Weapons and Rays (Targeting and Existence)

Slashing Grace: DEX to Damage, but not Attack Roll?

monks + dragon style / dragon ferocity + power attack

Handle Animal and Aggressive Creatures

The Interaction Between Unarmed Strikes and Natural Attacks

What is up Slashing Grace?

"Treat this as a temporary bonus..."

Don't believe anything he tells you. Nothing.

Can an Ooze be knocked Prone?

Magic vestment and robes of the archmagi

When is a hand (or weapon in the hand) considered primary and when secondary (off-hand)?

Solo Tactics + Outflank: Who gets the AoO?

Animal companion int 3

A way to have gravity bow at will?

What are the Effects of not sleeping by RAW?

Paladins code of conduct and using Helms of Opposite Alignment on others

Wielding 2 two-handed weapons

The "Greater Trip feat and Attacks of Opportunity" thread to Rule Them All!

Full-Round Action definition problem

Apes and weapons

Weapon Finesse + Fury's fall = Dex x2?

While moving, "draw a weapon" vs. "drawing a weapon-like object"

Grapple. (Yup, again.)

Flaming Sphere and Invisibility

Can we please get an FAQ on taking 10 on knowledge checks?

Paladins immune to Intimidate?

Mind Blank

Shield Master don't care bout no penalties

Con Damage from a wraith

Why I Think Spellstrike Doesn't Hold Charges

Half Elf APG Favored Class Alternatives Summoner question?

Hit Points / Hit Dice for Animal Companions, Bonded Mounts, and more

Guided Amulet + Brass Knuckles

Can you 5' step During Cleave?

Bracers of Armor Question

Does "accomplished sneak attacker" feat stack with the "sense vitals" spell?

Pounce and Medusa's Wrath: Taking a Full-Attack Action vs. Making a Full Attack, Part Deux

Can a Arcanist use Dimensional Slide exploit whyl a monk has him in a grapple?

Double Barrel Pistols + TWF + Rapid Shot + Quick Draw + Gun Twirling = 10 attacks at 9th level Trench Fighter?

Can non-evil undead exist?

Countering Withdraw Spam

UC Terrain Mastery Rogue Talent

Limit of natural attacks per limb?

Circumvent the spell Mirror Image?

Carrying folded nets and loaded crossbows

Noticing Traps

What is the threat range of a flame blade?

Titan fighter + Titan mauler = dual wielding 2 large greatswords

Blur / Displacement and Mirror Images

Smite Evil and Incorporeal creatures.

Casting Wall of Ice Break Invisibility?

Suprise Round

Question on Light

Oils of Offensive Spells

Quick Slashing Grace Question

Fortuitous Weapon Enhancement

How can I convince a skeptical GM that the Magical Knack trait can be selected by a Rogue who plans to take the Minor Magic and Major Magic talents in the future?

Shield spikes no longer stack with shield enchantment's bashing property?

Stacking MW Clothes with Extremely Fashionable

Smite Evil wording

Can 5 foot step be cleared up a bit?

Another tieflings as PC race question - skills and proficiencies

Telekinesis and Invisibility

Paladin forced to perform evil under magic, do they loose class abilities?

Reloading a gun while raging

Fast Learner: What exactly are our options?

Weapons 2 sizes larger?

[PFS] Two peg legs?

Can anyone kick?

Personal Range Alchemist Infusions

Command Undead is not Command Undead

The "Can You Trip a Prone Target" thread to Rule Them All!

Making a +5 sword at 5th level?

Can you enchant clothing / robes like normal armor?

Is the "No Polearm + Armor Spikes" official?

Can I take actions when I can't take actions?

Negative Energy Affinity & Channel (FAQ Request Thread)

Answer to the Trip Question

Bane weapons

Infinite Orisons... I see a headache coming!!

Just a double-check on how surprise rounds are earned.

Sorcerer spell limitation.

What actions can be taken with hand that has a light shield?

how does one kill swarms?

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