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Has anyone run/played in a game where there were a mass of enemies (level-4 or so) that was survivable for a party of four? How many creatures do you think a party is capable of? I just want to know as a stress test whether it is more profitable to fight a bunch of lower level creature or one strong high level creature and whether fighting that mass number of creatures really make PCs seem heroic.

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If the enemies don't rush the party all at once but trickle in wave by wave, a party of 4 can probably survive against 20+ monsters of their level-4, depending on rolls etc.

This is because enemies won't be able to hit the PCs most of the time, while the PCs will be critting them more often than not. Depending on the optimization level of your party, the fight could even be 1-sided for the PCs.

Yeah, I'd expect this kind of fight to be pretty one sided, unless it's like a bunch of casters with blasts.

By CR equivalency 16 level -4 goes should be an Extreme counter for a party of 4. In practice IDK if it would work that way. Also it's a lot of rolling so I can say from experience you need to be bloody quick on calculating attack rolls, try to know what the enemies have to roll to hit your opponents.

Also this kind of fight is a blast caster's absolute DREAM.

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