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So right off the bad, what appears to be all monsters getting AOEs if you so much as sneeze in a threatened square vs. just fighters on the PC side seems a bit lopsided in the reading of the movement rules.

Is this just a case of the example that was used or is this actually what occurs regardless of monster?

What am I missing / not seeing that I should be seeing?

I don't see all monsters getting AoEs.

Are you referring to hazards? If so, then these usually target an area. They are usually unintelligent, and can't pick a particular target. They just apply to a predefined area.

I'm referring to pg 306.


1. Valeros can approach position 1 with the Stride action without
triggering reactions.

2. If Valeros approaches this way to position 2, he triggers reactions
from both the hobgoblin and the troll. The troll has a reach of 10 feet, so Valeros triggers reactions from both enemies when he moves out of the second square and into the third.

3. If Seoni Strides to position 3, she triggers reactions from the
hobgoblin and the troll. Because of its 10-foot reach, the troll
could use its reaction when Seoni left either square. She could
Step twice to get there to avoid triggering reactions, but that
uses 2 actions instead of 1."

It says triggering reactions... not necessarily AOEs so I'm guessing I just inferred that part and the converse would thus be true for monsters moving into threatened areas of PCs, in that their movement would also trigger reactions.

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Check the Bestiary: hobgoblins and trolls specifically have the Attack of Opportunity reaction, like fighters do, listed in their stat blocks. Other monsters, like other classes, might or might not.

Ok, yes it is just the example. Not all monsters get AoO (Attack of Opportunity). A fair number of them do.

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