Natural Medicine Obsoleted by Treat Wounds

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The new rules for Treat Wounds have one major unintended consequence, they absolutely obsolete Natural Medicine as a feat.

My suggestion is this...

Natural Medicine:
You can use Treat Wounds and Administer First Aid with Nature instead of Medicine. If you are in the wilderness, you do not require a Healer's Kit. If you are a Master of Nature you can Treat Poison using Nature instead of Medicine. If you are Legendary of Nature you can Treat Disease using Nature instead of Medicine.

Note: I have problems with Treat Wounds in general, ie magnitude of healing, time, number of patients, removing Wounded condition etc. But, this isn't a thread for that, its to specifically point out how Natural Medicine is now obsolete and a ruined feat.

Liberty's Edge

I second the motion that Natural Medicine needs a Buff, even if it's as simply as allowing a PC to use it in combat much like Combat Medic. As it stands a DC 20 Check for a 10 Minute Skill Use (Which you need Expert in Nature to use along with the Feat) to heal 1d8 + Wis Mod is just pathetically weak compared to the Scaled DC, multiple targets, and Higher total Healing value for the new Medicine Skill Use. All this to mention that it can only affect a given PC once a day compared to unlimited use for the new Heal Check.

Perhaps simply reducing the time investment from 10 Minutes to 1 would help offset the imbalance here, but you're absolutely right a Expert Feat should by no means be weaker and in every way inferior to a general Trained Skill Use.

Silver Crusade

Perhaps Natural Medicine could provide a buff to the base Treat Wounds mechanic? Reduce the time to treat wounds, add the d8+Wis to the total, or remove some conditions. I think there should be some design space for skills complementing one another, as breadth of knowledge and varied approaches to a problem can lead to more efficiency.

Good point. I haven't had a chance to play with the new treat wounds system myself but I agree that Natural Medicine needs to be updated.

I like to think of Natural Medicine as a fail-safe mechanic.
If you critically fail at Treat Wounds, you can at least use Natural Medicine 1/day for every character in your party.
There is no risk of critical failure with Natural Medicine and you can keep trying until it works, so there's that.

I won't say no to a nice buff though. :)

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