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Hello everyone!

This is not a recruitment for any particular game and recruitment is generally not done in this recruitment thread but rather the Gameplay thread of the Flaxseed Lodge and on the spreadsheets linked above.

Please check into the Gameplay thread for this campaign (above) and hang out at the Lodge if you are interested in watching out for new PFS PbP games. (Please try to keep the Gameplay thread in character as much as possible).

How does it work?

There are signup spreadsheets for several GMs linked at the top where you can sign up for PFS games. Generally when the games are ready to start the GM will either send out PMs to the players or make an announcement in the Lodge. If you are a GM and would like me to add your signup sheet to the top, send me the link. Alternatively, feel free to use the Lodge to recruit for your own games.

Why should I post in the Gameplay thread?

We've got quite a crowd of dedicated PbPers at the Lodge and it has become a convenient hub to watch out for new PFS games; it is far easier to watch the Gameplay thread than to check back and sift through the Recruitment page every day hoping for new PFS games. Once you have posted in the Gameplay thread of the Flaxseed Lodge, the Lodge will show up on the Campaign tab of your profile. This is a much easier way to watch out for new games, as the notifications for posts in the Flaxseed Lodge will show up right next to your other ongoing campaigns.

Dotting for new players to see this in the Recruitment thread.

#00-06 Black Waters PbP link: Here!

#00-27 Our Lady of Silver PbP link: Here!

#00-08 The Slave Pits of Absalom PbP link: Here!

GM Bold Strider, I'm going to withdraw Cyrinda from Slave Pits of Absalom. I haven't played her at 2nd level yet, and I want to change things around, but I'm just not sure when I'll get a chance to do that, and I don't want to keep everyone waiting.


#00-28 Lyrics of Extinction PbP Link: Here!

The Exchange

Bold, would Slave Pits of Absalom be a bad run for my Chelaxian half-orc slaver inquisitor?

I don't think so, why would it be? If you mean the slaver aspect, then I don't think so. It's not anti-slave, just anti-rich slave.

The Exchange

Ah, alright. I'm unfamiliar with the details and was curious.
I'd be happy to sub in said inquisitor if you need to fill a slot. Lvl 3.

Sounds good. Level 3 is my cap for the scenario. Fill out the Excel and check-in!

Dark Archive

Do you still have room in slave pits GM Bold Strider? MY level 1 witch just got done. I still you still have an empty slot but not sure if you are accepting still.

Unfortunately I've already played both Dark Waters and Slave Pits, and my 3 pfs characters are too low level (1-2) to take part in any other scenario listed here. If you feel like playing some other low level scenario I'd like to be taken into consideration.

Ok, to follow the Bold Strider: Here is my link to The Traitor's Lodge

Liberty's Edge

Interested in Traitors Lodge if still have room

Sorry for the delay! Just kind of spaced it.

Among the Living: Link!

The Prince of Augustana is starting.

Click here: Link!

DM Doctor Evil - Tristan
Kael Ocari - Seiji Okuda
Shadowkhan - Yyrkoon D'Imrryr
KnightFever - Dorgrin Ironbeard
wakedown - Tin Futola
Xenocide - Chatan

The Many Fortunes of Grandmaster Torch is starting.

Click here: Link!

Shadowkhan - Dvalin Stormforge
GM Lithrac - Aetherys Dawnblade
GM Tyranius - TBD
Jolly Roger - Xerance
wakedown - TBD
GM Aarvid - Victoria

Grand Lodge

First level Wizard dotting here

Liberty's Edge

ranger2/ Rogue1 dotting

Grand Lodge

#6-02 The Silver Mount Collection is starting soon!

The following players are selected and expected to report here:

Endless Forms
Bold Strider
Jolly Roger

Shadow Lodge

The official PFS PbP Game Day 3 event is posted. HERE'S a link.

New PbP player ready for action.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Dotting.. hoping to play with yall soon!

Just giving this another bump for new players. Go check out the Gameplay thread attached to this campaign; GMs often use the Gameplay thread to recruit for new games. When you post in the Gameplay thread the Flaxseed Lodge will show up in the "Campaigns" tab of your profile and you will get notifications when GMs and fellow players post in the Gameplay. It's an easy to find PFS games going on here on the boards.

Dark Archive

Level 1 Cleric dotting

Dark Archive


Dotting! I have three characters that have gone through a scenario for Game Day, so I'll pop them up for more ASAP.

Check-in for the Everwar has begun!


Evan Whitefield-Dragorin

Check-in for Fingerprints of the Fiend has begun!

CLICK HERE FOR LESS DEATH (Since there are less of you, obviously)

Peter nielson-Mathias
Gerald-Alie (If G.M.E.W.'s game ends soon)

A small group of adventurers outside of the Society has lost a member to the biting cold of winter. Are there any takers of joining a Dragon's Demand module (still eligible for all chronicles)?

If so, message me.

Replacement found!

Silver Crusade

dot dot dot


Grand Lodge RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16


Tide of Morning (1-5) is active. Recruits are as follows:
GM Aarvid - Wembly or Roland
axolotl - Ishingka Thulkarian
GM Dr Evil - Graz
Zinou - Papy Shayn, Pierre Viret or Shamak
Aerondor - Rhuul Irontoe
Justin Warren - Rowanna Nachtalus
Scott Feldman - Wanderlei Silva


For those that signed up for Qwertys Rise of the Goblin Guild Game and do not get in, I will start, soon after, a Master of the Fallen Fortress 1XP module and priority goes to those that did not get in the Goblin Guild scenario. Just check my sign up sheet above. Many thanks.


I may be starting up a Core season 0 run once the Core PFS gets all finalized and established. Will keep you posted.

Decline of Glory is active. Recruits are as follows:
qwerty1971 - Darro/Fenrik/Galandaro
Evan Whitefield - Iron Man/Tamisiel
Jolly Roger - Xerance
Alex Mack - Farg
TheBobJones - Durothil Moonstep
Werepox47 - Gronk/Grim/Roary

Link is here!

The Exchange

Argg sorry Farg just started a diffeent game yesterday!

Opened up PFS#04-01 Rise of the Goblin Guild with the following players selected. Please dot in and intro yourselves so we can begin. If you cannot participate pls let me know so i can seek a replacement.

Mike Andersen
Rise of Goblin Guild Link

Okay, GM Harker has inspired me to start a group of PFS PC's that go from level 1 to 12. I have offered him first spot, and he has accepted. I will be looking for another 3 PC's to team up with him, to go on adventures to seek gold, fame, and knowledge.

I am going to start with Confirmation, then do Service to Lore, then finish level 1 with Fallen Fortress. I will have a better idea of what games I want to run for level 2 when I am closer to that spot.

If interested, please post here. I will select based on random should there be overkill of applicants :)

The Exchange

DM Stylz wrote:
If interested, please post here.

Smiley brought you a post. It's eight feet tall, red, and has 1...2...3...uh...8 sides, and it says "Stop". Where do you want it?

Also, Smiley wants to play. I'm real good at hugging things, har!

Also also, please don't overkill applicants. That's not nice!

Silver Crusade

Sterron stargard reporting in For gm stylz game.

As long as you make a CORE PFS PC, there should be a post somewhere regarding just that, but my search-fu is failing me at the moment. Consider yourself applicant #1:)


Dark Archive

I am interested. I will make a ranger.

Sovereign Court

Count me in, DM Stylz - if there is still room.

Silver Crusade

Well Sterron is not core...

Ill go along if you still need another..

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