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Hey guys,

I don't know for you, but I really can't read myself back when writing down my character sheet with pen and paper...

So here is an excel character sheet that I just created to use during the playtest. I just wanted to share for those of you that are like me :p

Here is the link to download it :

Link for the Character sheet 1.0 (Pathfinder 2.0 Playtest)

You'll probably need a recent version of excel to run it. I'm sorry for those that only have openoffice or such, I don't think it's gonna work properly :s

If you have trouble with the way I locked the sheet, the password to unlock is : "123". Do not to touch anything that is supposed to be locked unless necessary to avoid problems.

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I just finished adapting the file to be compatible with older versions of excel.

The file is now .xls.

Here is the link : Character Sheet 1.0.xls

Oh and BTW, do not try to modify it via dropbox, just download it with the top right button of the screen when the link is opened.

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alternatively one can use a form-fillable version of the existing playtest character sheet, such as this one
(not intended to steal your thunder or say yours isn't worthy of using, just to give folks options if they prefer the OG look over excel)

Yes that's a good one ! I seached for something like this before creating mine but I couldn't find it :p

Anyway I just think it's 2 possible options for creating a character, depends on what people prefer :p

If you use the excel sheet, do not hesitate reporting me any remark you may have, making it better is fun for me :p

At a glance, your sheet seems to work fine with LibreOffice. At least the second one. I didn't try the first version.

As for feedback, I find the S,P,B boxes besides the melee strikes are a bit hard to read with the dark text and dark background. So maybe a different background would be better for readability. That may be just an artifact of using LibreOffice instead of excel. Other than that it seems fine. I may very well use this when I start the playtest on Saturday. I've gotten used to using a spreadsheet for PF1. I like all the auto-calculations. I can see a manual sheet being a bit annoying when you level up and have to change all the proficiency modifiers everywhere.

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Thank you for your feedback doktor, I'll change the background right away, do not hesitate to give me any other feedback you might have !


Just a quick message to inform you that the character sheet has been updated multiple times since its release. A lot of little errors have been corrected.

If you make characters for the next chapters in the playtest, I would advise you to take the new version to avoid a lot of inconvenients.

Here is the link : Character Sheet 1.0

Still working on improving it, so any feedback is most appreciated :)


Just added an animal companion sheet, tell me if you encounter any problem ;)

Character Sheet.xls

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