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I've had a rough year. Full of so many changes and risks. As a result I have not had the opportunity to find a group for the playtest or do anything with it really. With some free time coming up I wanted to record me making characters with my wife as a form of feedback. The reason for this is that often feedback is in hindsight and you don't really see the process that the players go through in the moment and it gets lost in memory. Sometimes colored with general feelings and analysis. I want to depict how easy or hard it is to make a character, especially with my wife, who has not read the playtest book at all. A follow up would be a one on one session to get a grasp of the rules and how things play out.

So my question for now is how to maximize the usefulness of such a video.

Anything I should consider? Is a top-down shot of the table, hands and books sufficient to know what's going on? Throw in some jokes? What should I focus on commenting on? How should I share said video? Would such a video even be useful for feedback?

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