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So, I'm doing my first build of a bloodrager. When selecting the bloodline, it reads ONLY for bonus feats and bonus spells, but this seems wrong. Bloodline powers appear to apply, too. If so, do bonus class skills apply, too? (They aren't mentioned, but it would seem that one bonus class skill isn't all that imbalancing.)

Read a bit farther, dude. Bloodragers have their own specific take on bloodlines. They don't have bonus class skills.

The real question is whether all the powers are only active while raging, or if there's some kind of distinction between always active and only during rage.

I am reasonably sure it flat out says they are only active while in bloodrage unless otherwise stated. Though at work and don't have the PDF in front of my ATM.

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I would assume that bloodrage powers are only available while raging, as reference to this is included as part of the bloodrage description and not separate.

They cannot use Sorcerer Bloodlines

They have their own bloodlines. These are not interchangeable. (E.g., their bloodlines have no bonus class skills)

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Thread closed. Please post your comments in the stickied thread for this class, otherwise we'll end up with a hundred parallel discussion threads. Thanks!

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