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Playtest Reports

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Playtesting through the Rise of the Runelords

(PF Beta) The Return to the Revenge of the Sinister Secret of the Temple of Elemental Evil

BruteSquad07's first CotCT Campaign [Spoilers]

Paladin in Action 2

Ludicrous D&D... No, Seriously!

I disagree with the non-player class: the commoner.

Raven Familiars

Skills & Spring attack

Preview Playtest: Channel Positive Energy

Darkness spell, anyone read its description?

Black Tentacles spell question (playtesting report)

I desagree with economy

Form of the Dragon III

The humble Rogue

I'm not agree with... the new metamorphosis.

Paladin smite evil and two weapons.

Type: Missing reference to 8th level bonus spell for wizards. p.194.

Report on Combat Expertise

Playtest: Rise of the Runelords

[Cleric] Channel Energy - a Testamony of faith of the class feature

Evoker in the World's Largest Dungeon (minor spoilers)

[Druid] Awaken

[Druid] Beast Shape, Elemental Body, Plant Shape

CMB Questions!

Typo in Spellcraft DC table ?

Character generator available, Free online. Output as Character sheet or BB code for PBPs.

Confusion Spell too Powerful?

Quick Comment on Ranger

[Bard] Inspire Courage

Pathfinder BETA PLAYTEST observations and opinions.

[playtest report] Human martial weapons and other issues

Galnorag's Second Darkness Campaign -Xuttah's playtest commentary

Panjara - Long Winters, Short Lives

[High-level Playtest] Testing the CR system to its limits

[Druid, Paladin] Animal Companion Share Spells

Skills: The Useless and the Useful

[RotRl] A monk

Archade's Ongoing Playtest Reports

[Ranger] Archery Feats Missing

Burnt Offerings playtest *SPOILERS*

Two-Weapon Defense and Magical Weapons

I Can't Sell Them Combat Maneuvers ...

Weapon categories should use light, regular, heavy -- not the same terms as methods of wielding (one-handed / two-handed)

General views on a PFRPG game.

Wanted: Index

Pathfidner Newbie!

Challange Rating and Encounter Level problems

Official Pathfinder Character Sheets - Tweak needed

GM Love

'Improved Standard Attack'

My counterspelling mods.

Mysteries of the Moonsea - PRPG rules playtest

Second Darkness Adventure Path with a monk.

Gnome-Eater's Odds-n-Ends Playtest Report

HD mods not needed?

First Pathfinder RPG game today

Hybrid Rules and Playtesting

Curse of the Crimson Throne playtest

High level playtest comments

Channeling Energy -- Rule clarity and completeness questionable?

The Web spell vs. CMB

[playtest report] on CMB and illusions (some Cotct spoilers may follow)

Sleepy's Horned Devil Playtest Report

Pathfinder in the Mystaran Setting

Druid – Who has seen a druid in played in PFRPG?

Greater Weapon Finesse?

Played a bit with the xp table

Druid playtest

Xuttah playtests the Sorcerer -Commentary

Bard- playtesting report at 14th

[Playtest Report] CoCT Conclustion

Power level

One Small Thing: Grapple

BackwardsCompatibility to 3.0

PF-RPG questions / comments

Xuttah's Monk Playtest -LONG!

Comprehend Languages is broken

New Savage Tide beta in progress

Three Tuesdays in Peoria...New Playtest at Just For Fun

A Playtest Report by Crowheart (its a long one)

Pathfinder Beta Impressions from Beta-Test Campaign

Semantics Question RE: Necromancy School in PFRPGbeta

Phlebas' Pirates! Playtest Report (Possible Freeport trilogy spoilers)

KnightErrantJR's Rise of the Runelords Pathfinder Beta Playtest Campaign (Possible Spoiler)

Spontanious Druid casting

KnightErrantJR's Mid to High Level Playtest (Possible Savage Tide Spoilers)

Goblin War - Playtest Report

On CMBs, Barfights, and Surly Dawrves

Somebody always wants to try this:

Expedition to the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk

Arch's Homebrew Pathfinder

Power attack and Combat Expertise...

Playtest of NightBelow

The giant grappling the fly

My campaing using Beta rules

High Level (15+) 'Solo' Wizard playtest series

Forgotten Pathfinder

Pathfinder Beta Pregens?

Using Beta in RotRL (Stop buffing the fighter class)!!!

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