Spontanious Druid casting

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I don't read the boards here near enough , so this may have already came up , but I think when Druids pick Between an animal companion or domain powers , they should be allowed to pick if there spontaneous casting go to summon natures ally or to cure spells. In the last campaign (curse of the crimson throne) I took domain powers , and the spontaneous casting was lost on me. I didn't need to summon more creatures. But my suggestion is if a druid takes an animal companion , give them the option to convert to cure spells , because a druid who takes this path will probably be casting more, and healing is more useful in my opinion than summoning a squirrel. I know you could just pick then as your daily spells, but with the option to convert you could pick more offensive spells and not have to worry.
Just a suggestion on my part, I love the pathfinder setting, and I'm glad to have gotten the chance to play test it. Can't wait till the hardback drops !

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