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So, The difference isn’t that big in defense. (Add 5 to all Stats to see best offence).
However, the best an average BAB can do is 41 at 20th Level And a fighter can do 45.
But, that is with a Ability score of 23. I am assuming Dex or Str. Because I don’t believe it should be a feat to use Dexterity, PERIOD. All in all not that bad. However. This means that no Medium Creature of the Current Party ECL Should Exceed The Fighters Best possible Roll. IMO, of medium creatures become totally immune, then 9 out of 10 Large monsters will be immune. Leaving bull rush only able to effect small creatures.

As is, your average fighter, against a reasonably monster should have About a 25% chance of success…. I think that if you want players to actually use this the we need 35-40% chance.
So first step. Lower 15 to a 12. Making this system very reasonable. But not a give-me.
Second. Still combing feats, making it only 3 of your 10 feats (average Character) instead of 7. However. Lower bonus from +4 to +2.

Don’t forget ability boosters that will give +2, +4, +6 to stats. +1, 2, 3 to CMB.
Rage, nice boost there making the Barb. The perfect Grappler.
Enlarge Person.

The One Glaring whole in the System is Size. DO NOT CM ANYTHING 2 SIZE CATOGORIES LARGER THAN YOU!!!!!!!!!! The +4 they gain is to great to overcome, unless they are just weakling, which is unlikely.

Remove Mandatory AoO. Instead make an AoO if Attack Fails there attack. This Makes it more interesting. There is still fear. But that 5 points of damage that would otherwise make your attack impossible is no longer a threat. (Side Note. For those in the realism department, First you must defend, then you must Counter.)

What Else….Oh. Grapple. The problem with grapple is that you both gain the grappled condition. NEW: Grapplers gain grappled either Grappled Upper, or Grappled Lower condition. This way if you grapple someone, they do not pin you next round. Upper position gains a +2 Bonus over Lower Possition. Both Characters Have The Grappled State.
A person Must use a Standard Action to Maintain the Grapple. With a Success. You may do one of the following; Gain Position over opponent in grapple, Do unarmed Damage, Use Dagger (or some other weapon, I am not sure which would be reasonable) to do damage, Throw The Opponent if you are in ‘Grappled-Upper Position’, the OR pin Opponent if you have ‘Grappled-Upper Position’.
Throwing the Opponent Will be 1 foot for every point you beat their CMB by. I.E. if you Beat it by 5-9 throw them 1 Square.
I am Still Looking at all other CM’s to see if this holds true. The Most important thing is that the Monsters CM stays inside the Max possible of a Player without any buffing Magic. Only Medium Creatures though, as I see Grappling an elephant as a suicide mission, and should end with the Elephant sitting on you and doing Smash Damage.

I think this sounds good. It just requires a little Help from the Dm to Make Monsters at least a little Succeptable for RP Perposes. And it the people At Piazo choose, or a Civil minded Gamer, They could come out with a PDF of CMB’s for monsters.

My Solution to the CMB enigma. Thank you and I would love to hear your thoughts.

Shadow Lodge

OH, i forgot, one more thing. When Attempting to Cm something. Size is inverse. A fly Can land on an elephant, but an elephant has little possiblilty of sitting on a fly. So size mods are reversed. HOWEVER. Once Grapple is Achieved, the Larger Opponent gets the bonus, and the smaller gets the Negative.
I put this in so Huge monsters don't TPK a party extremely easily. Yes it is a pain, but it also evens the monsters back out without having to 'wing it'. Not a perfect fix but now that dragon doesn't eat a player a turn now.

Shadow Lodge

I have a rules Lawyer in my game. He has noted that i use CR as a basline. And In agruing with him (that is what we end up doing most times) i have decided to reword CR, for; "Any one Creatures that a character may face, and of the same size, Should have at least a chance of being subject to a combat Manuever." obviously there will be higher and lower ECL monsters that the party will face that will be above the parties ability to deal with in a CM manner. That is what magic and Swords are for.
As i said to the Lawyer, please think of the spirit, not the words. I am only trying to sugest a system, not write it into the PFB

Just to add to the great versatility of the CMB system:

Yesterday one of my players (a Wizard) was using his Magic Jar spell in a very useful way. The party was marching in a clearing in the jungle (they are playing on Eberron, and are currently in the Lost Continent of Xen'Drik) when suddenly were charged by a trio of Triceratops (with Jungle Giants riding them).
While the Martial characters were extremely hampered by the thick vegetation (high grass - I decided that the Triceps, thanks to their Huge size and their Trample ability were not hampered, while other characters without Woodland stride or similar abilities were treated as walking in Difficult Terrain), the Wizard went flying and, thanks to the Bard and his Flying Carpet, decided to go MJ (his body collapsed on the Carpet, and started to 'feel the world' through his 'MJ Lifeforce sense').
He possessed a Triceps (16 HD were greater than the Characters and the Giants, so he figured the 'big life force' was the dinosaur) and started to Trample against the foes.
Long story short, when it came to decide 'I want to throw my Giant rider out of my back, what must I do?' the decision was suddenly easy to adjudicate:
'Make a CMB check.' (of course, BaB as Wizard, STR & Size as Triceps Body)

Again, thanks to Jason for a neat streamline in the rules !!!

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