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Traditional to the Mystaran Setting is the restriction of Wizards to Spells that dont use Material Components or Focus Objects (despite Read Magic). The Wizards of Glantri have access to certain spells defined by their membership in the Seven Secret Crafts.

Dracologists: Form of the Dragon i-iv
Witches: Beastshape i-iv
Elementalist: Elemental Body i-iv
Cryptomancer: Summon Monster i-ix
Necromancer: Create Undead i-ix (Animate Dead, Create Undead, Create Greater Undead reconfigured for advancement through every spell level)
Alchemist: Giantform i-v (Reconfigured for Hill, Stone, Fire, Storm, Cloud Giant advancement)
Illusionist: (Needs Something like Illusionary Terrain i-ix with substantial advance (combined with gate) taking the Victims increasingly deeper into the Plane of Shadow)

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