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I'm not quite certain on the campaign name at the moment, but my group was playing through an adventure where we were required to wear drow skin to infultrate a drow city. As I was playing a Paladin at the time I decided that my character was vehemently against the idea, and was only really restraining himself from action against the necromancer performing the spell because as a Paladin he is a Lawful Good character(not that he would know that). Unfortunately I had to retire the character and chose to use the pathfinder's paragon Monk to run through the rest of the adventure. As we played through the adventure I noticed that it tailored well to base classes, as the few stats the monk had were almost all that was needed to continue. Prestige class characters and multi-class characters didn't do so well, which would normally just be a Jack-of-all-trades issue, but there are only so many skills to choose from, especially in Pathfinder. The other thing I noticed was that the spring attack feat had been changed. It seems it my mind to be more of a recoil from a charge now than it does a feat of dexterity and skill. In any case it was an interesting session of gameplay with jokes a plenty about Drow Girls in Maids outfits, since that was apparently one of the role options during the infiltrration.

Hi Steven!

You were playing in the AP called:

Second Darkness

I actually *also* had a Paladin in my group up to the moment before this - it happened to work out "well" that he was moving right at that time and couldn't play anymore.

I'm not sure what changes to Spring Attack you mean, it was one of the less altered feats I thought.

As to skills and the iconic Monk - some of the skill tests may have been partially designed around him, but probably it's just the awesomeness that are monks :)

Sounds like you had a blast (and you should be able to pick up your Paladin soon I think - depending on your DM)!

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