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General Discussion (Prerelease)

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Paizo Pathfinder Bestiary: The Great Monster Debate!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Preview Performance # 7 The Bard

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Merciful Preview # 6 The Paladin

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Preview #5 - The Cleric

Monk - Pathfinder RPG Preview #9

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Universal Preview # 12 The Wizard

Fighters rule!

Problem: High AC characters tend to not wear armor.

Is it me or do casters overpower melee classes past about lvl 5?

How are melee classes in the higher levels?

Why is applying a Spell Failure Chance unacceptable to the community?

Why I lost my interest in Pathfinder.

Jason, I would greatly appreciate it you would read this.

Fighters vs. Wizards -- Unbalanced = Broken?

Why I am disappointed in Pathfinder Final.

Obvious Broken is still Obvious (Planar Binding FTW)

Paladin Code officially loosened a bit around the waist.

Easy Rule to Mitigate Multiclassing Abuse through Single-Level Dipping

Pathfinder RPG Preview

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Gnature Preview # 8 The Druid

Fear. What's up with that stuff?!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Literate Preview #10 The Barbarian

Everything is Too Powerful!!!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Sneak (Attack!) Preview # 11 The Thief

My problem with Will saves

Still excited about Pathfinder RPG

Broken Characters Thread

Sorcerous Blog Preview

Pathfinder Roleplaying High Level Preview #13 The Eldrtich Knight

Arbitrary Wealth Exploits - Problems and Solutions

What Playtesting Is

Let's Try Again: "Please stop using these arguments."

Discoveries in the Bonus Bestiary

New classes for Pathfinder RPG?

Opinion: Power Attack

Multi-class casters?

Viable Sword and board fighter?

Sneak Attack and Touch Attacks

Why don't fighters have acrobatics as a class skill?

If you could rename Pathfinder, what would it be?

Why play anything but a human?

MM for Pathfinder - Pet Peeve

Roleplaying is So much more than combat!

Does Evocation Magic Need A Boost?

Paladins are Lawful Stupid

Everything hinges on the Spells

[Design Issues] In Search of the True Problem

Pathfinder clerics- the fuzzy end of the lollipop

Who agrees with me that the base classes are too complicated?

What is the one thing you hope is gone in the final release?

Sword and board

Polymorph into elemental and earthglide through entire dungeon?

Channel Energy, will it remain unchanged in the final game?

Today's Preview Blog!!

Please stop making the following arguments against changes:

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Preview #2

[CharOp] The Monk Dilemma.

Spells and Ideas

Favored classes gone...?

AC = video game defense.

Let's Update the Witch

Pathfinder RPG Preview - Rules and Mechanics from the PaizoCon Banquet

Alternate Fan Created Character Sheets for Beta

Whatcha gonna do when you get your copy?

Non-divine healers, please

4 skill ranks per level please!

Pros and Cons of the Magic Shop

Houserule for Metamagic

Question on Sneak Attack



Editing mistakes

New Bard Thread - Houserules

An Invitation To Discussion (Some Frustrations and my Blog)

Wish for casting defensively

White Necromancy. Help required.

Help Me Update Artificer for KQ

Does casting a spell with the [Evil] descriptor turn you Evil?

How Far Should PFRPG Stray From the 3.5 Model?

[Think Tank] Save or Die in 3.P

OK need some help on a rogue config

New Feat Ideas

Touch Attack AC - something must be done

Shadow Dancer Pathfinder Preview #10.5 (from KQ #10)

Are Evil clerics weaker than Good Clerics?

Random In-Game Questions

TPK's - Where next?

Wizards vs Sorcerers balance in Beta

Paladin of a chaotic god?

Get rid of alignment!

(Bonus Bestiary) Comparing 3.5 and PF RPG Monsters

The Most Important Rule of the Game

Advice, Thought & Opinions: Wizard VS Sorcerer

3 buff limit

New Classes? I wouldn't mind seeing some.

Are you going to include the Orb series spells in Pathfinder?

What makes a DM "good"?

Wizard magic item crafter - how best for a GM to handle this?

Pally Alignment

Weapon Swap (Feat) -- Doesn't Seem Logical

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