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General Discussion (Prerelease)

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Welcome to the General Discussion Forum

What Playtesting Is

Druid / Monk?

How does hide in plain sight work in combat?

New Stat Block Template

Binder - Pact Magic

Mathematical disparities in the Treasure Values per Encounter table (12-5)

Valeros spotted at the Fair

What replaces concentration for non-casters?

Ranger Combat Style Feats Question

Archmagic feats to replace archmage and hierophant?

Bardic Music question

Multi-class casters?

Free character generator available online. Outputs as character sheet, or as BBcode.

Animal Companions

Your Party

Still excited about Pathfinder RPG

Character Sheets

Paladin of a chaotic god?

Sorcerer Help

A good shield bash build?

Redesigning Core Classes

Character generator?

Houserule - the Overland Round

Badger Fans Rejoice (Pre-Release Spoiler)

Paladin Code officially loosened a bit around the waist.

Preview #14

Anyone else taking Thursday (8 / 13) off from work?

Pathfinder RPG is D&D 5th edition

Achievement feats

Alternative (Simplified) Item Crafting System

Tiefling as playable race?


Reading the Core Rules? Post observations HERE

Inevitable Discussion: Clerics Lost Heavy Armor Prof.

Spiked Chain Nerfed?

Proof Jason listened

The 4 next PFRPG core classes to be announced at Gen Con

Feats to Counterbalance Power Attack

Possible Core Book Errata: So apparently singing isn't versatile

Spiked Armor Question

Where is the list of all differences between 3.5 and Pathfinder?

Take That Alaska!!!!

Conversion Guide?

A new "halfblood" race / class

Patfinder Adventure Path #19, Referencing Odd source books

Things Remembered

Pathfinder Roleplaying High Level Preview #13 The Eldrtich Knight

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Universal Preview # 12 The Wizard

Online Character Sheet PDF?

No reason not to give us the PDF as soon as it arrives now! (BOOKS IN CIRCULATION!)

Pathfinder RPG pdf availibility

Two handed weapon plus two weapon fighting ... how does it work?

Final Release Bardic Music Questions

Hero Lab Supports Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

Monk - Pathfinder RPG Preview #9

Armor Check Penalty Doubled?

How sad I am now that I received the Pathfinder RPG in the mail...

Sci-Fi Pathfinder

I have it (NOT!)

Starting my Pathfinder game in Sept but Bestiary won't be out until Oct. HELP!

Off to GenCon

House rules you know will be going into Pathfinder RPG

Building classes for Kaidan: a Japanese Ghost Story setting

The "Frenzied Screams of Anticipation" Thread

Coded Messages in Core Rule Book?

New Feats

TOME OF SECRETS Final Preview: Anir the Artificer

Monster conversions

Invisibility & "Immunity to Illusion Spells"


Speeding Up Combat

Earth Mastery question

The Most Important Rule of the Game

Two-weapon fighting - Help me make it better

My Precious! Happy Happy Joy Joy

Lack of core PDF

Arcane Armor Training Needs Slight Fix

House Rules... what do you use?

On-Line Reviews of Pathfinder Core Rules

Making room for Pathfinder RPG

No reason not to give us the PDF as soon as it arrives now! (BOOKS IN CIRCULATION!)

Celestial Beast

New Avatar

Windsong Abbey.. posting in correct forum now

What is the most important rule in the game to preview??

New Classes? I wouldn't mind seeing some.

Level Adjusment (LA) and Effective Character Level (ECL) in Pathfinder

Why don't fighters have acrobatics as a class skill?

Switching to PF

Hero Lab PF RPG readiness for Gen Con (and what was said in response)

"Core" and PFRPG: A Request

Gen Con Friday.

Is that a Numerian Laser Gun In Your

Pen and Paper Games reviews the Pathfinder RPG (Final Version)

Core Book Reviews

Looking for Advice / Critiques on a Bull Rush spell

Using MS Access for Campaign Tracking?

[Guess] Psionics book to be announced at GenCon??

Combat Sorcerer

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