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Playtest Reports

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Caldwell Castle

"Stalking the Darkness" => Level 15 PBP playtest

Missing Spell

Magic items, temp bonus for 24 hours...

Missing Feat

Maveric's Pathfinder campaign

Error: Spell Lists

Error in Beta: Careful Targeting feat missing in action!

Improved Overrun problem

some things I have noticed

General Thoughts from playtest - Index

General Thoughts from Playtesting - Creatures

Lastknightleft's Rise of the Runelords campaign

KnightErrantJR's One Night Stand Great Wyrm Hunt

Cleave and Great Cleave?

Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk Playtest

Suggestions on the Pathfinder GM Screen

Age Of Worms (Playtest begins soon)

Ravenloft Campaign Starts

BZ's playtest report

RoTR Playtest PbP

Playtest Report: High Level Game (12-18)

Playtest Report -- Eberron, 10th level to 16th ...


Jason - Inconsistencies b.n Spell Lists and Spell Descriptions.

Maure Castle Playtest, part 2

Paladin Spells

Combat > Stable characters and recovery

Crown of the Kobold King (Beta Playtest)

Nualia the bomb

CotCT Beta Playtest from Canadia, eh?

Clerical Domain Spells

Experience Slow Medium and Fast

Magic: 3.5 vs 3.0

Sandpoint / Homebrew Playtest

Paladin: Smite Evil

General Thoughts from Playtesting - Ability Scores

Too stupid to concentrate?

Castle Whiterock?

Beta Personal “Playtest”

Sorcerer Celstial Bloodline (Wings)

Escape Artist and the Absence of "Use Rope"

RoTRL: Great Cleave vs. Mirror Image

Curse of the Crimson Throne Playtest

Pathfinder AP Conversion assistance...

CotCT - Edge of Anarchy Beta Run

'Kerrigan's Keep' and 'I Swallowed a Bug' Playtests

Conditional bonuses add complexity to the rules...

Ranger´s Favored Enemy. page 35

DoR's Rise of the Runelords PRPG Playtest thread of d00M! (Spoilers Contained Herein)

Undead, Sneak Attack, and Favored Enemy

Add back the Hit Dice+3 cap for skill ranks,,, My Reason

Playtest: Character conversion woes.

RotRL Beta Playtest - Problems with Perception

Reshuffling skills, including rationales ...

Converting a 3.5 campaign

Archade's Ongoing Player Playtest

Channel energy

Using Pathfinder for Age Of Worms Issues

Companion to Wizard Playtest - Optimized HLvl Fighter

Dispel Magic

Playtesting and Reporting - Question for the Developers

Kyrinn's Gestalt Pathfinder Playtest Campaign-

Favorer Class

Additional Rules: Walls DC values not matching

Wizard - Universal School: Metamagic Mastery

Playtest - Looking up spells and game slowdown

Error in Bard class? (Beta page 16)

Paladin in action

Character Sheet-Trained Skills

First Beta Session

Vinland Saga Playtest Report

Crafting Magical Items

Playtest CMB grapple...

Divine Power and War domain

Xuttah's Level 1 Ranger Playtest

Xuttah's 1st Level Ranger Playtest

Age of Worms Playtest. Level 14

Channel Energy Playtest Report

Keith's Group Level 1

General Playtest Criticism

Beta Playtest: Expedition to Castle Ravenloft.

Sannos' RotRL using PFRPG beta rules

Papa.DRB "Rise of the Runelords" using Beta rules

Travel domain power making my encounters useless

Level 5 Dungeon Hack Quickie -issues with combat casting

The Long Process of Character Creation...

Grapple, Spellcasting and Dex Bonus: Inconsistencies.

Krome's Playtest Report *RotRL SPOILERS*

Playtest from Hell

Age of Worms Playtest

Barbarian / Fighter / Ranger playtest #1: Level 15

Barbarian / Fighter / Ranger playtest #2: Level 10

Feats Acquisition in Beta Rules Set

Gray's RotRL Playtest (SPOILERS)

Barbarian / Fighter / Ranger playtest #1: Level 5

Expedition to Undermountain Beta Playtest

Various Beta errors (armor for unusual creatures, rogue talents, ranger combat style feats)

Kain's Savage Tide Playtest

Help Understanding Domain Powers

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