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Well our group has been talking about the two different game systems and have come to some conclusions on where we are going with them. Here is what we have come up with so far during our own play testing.

We are thoroughly enjoying all the fighter classes along with the Bard, Monk, and Rogue classes that Paizo has revamped. We all felt that they had to be powered up, though the Rogue to a lesser extent. So we have decided that we will play these 7 classes out of the Pathfinder Handbook and hope the Official Pathfinder Handbook in August keeps these classes pretty much the way they are.

Now the four spellcasters are a different story, with three of the four we have decided to make them into hybrids of both systems, let me explain.

The Druid for starters will have no changes from its 3.5 roots, for we are all happy with that class.

The Cleric will stay the exact same except for one change, his/her Turn/Rebuke Undead will instead be switched over to Paizo’s version, being Channel Energy for it is a far faster and better utility in our minds.

Neither of these two classes shall receive an unlimited amount of orisons for as far as we see it, they are not in need of them, they have enough that they can do @ low levels and are near useless @ higher levels.

The Sorcerer and Wizard will also follow the rules in the 3.5 system except that they will both receive D6 for hit points and unlimited cantrips.
We decided to go this way for many reasons, but @ the end of the day we found that the only real problems with these classes were @ low levels and we hope this will fix those issues.

The Psion will stay out of the 3.5 system, except for a couple of minor changes. The Psions hit points will become D6 and one of their first level powers will be pulled out of the 1st level list and another would be made up and become at will powers, these two being detect psionics and psychic move (mage hand).

The Psychic Warrior will also come from the 3.5 system except they will have D10 for hit points and have the fighter’s BAB.


Though we all don’t believe that ECL is the best way to go we also don’t like Paizo’s way of dealing with the races and for backwards compatibility resons we stayed with 3.5’s version on this.
We did change the Half-orc to +2 st,-1 int &cha.

Skills & Feats

We decided to go with Paizo’s version of the skills system for we have found it to be a better overall system.
Until Paizo puts together enough feats for our liking we will use a mixture of both systems


For now our plan is to stay with the 3.5 spell system @ least until August and probably (due to amount of material in 3.5) longer, the way it looks.

One of the new ideas were trying, due to our overwhelming enjoyment of Psionics is divide Arcane magic, Divine magic and Psionics into their own entities.

Now don’t get upset yet, please keep reading and see what you think.

Do to all that talk about Psionics as of late we decided to put together our own little system that @ the end of the day could easily add other types of energies without any problems.

We wanted to show in game mechanics as well as in flavour that there could be some differences yet for the most part nothing would change, here are some examples on either side.

Any type of detect invisibility or anything that is focused on one thing works exactly the same between all 3. Thus a Psions invisibility is seen by a Mages detect invisibility spell.

Areas that were dead magic or null psionic zones become “DEAD ZONES” and none of the three energies work within. The same is to be said with Anti-magic spell and Null psionic field none of the three works within them and you can call these “ANTI ENERGY SPELL/POWER’.

DISPELLING EFFECTS-Now, with dispelling of two of the same types of energy Arcane vs. Arcane for example, the rules stay the same as in the handbooks, that being the DC check is 11 + spells caster level. When the difference occurs is when you mix say psionics with either of the magic types (arcane, divine) or one magic type against the other @ which point the DC check becomes 13 + spells/powers caster/manifester level, thus raising the DC of any two different energies mixed together by 2. This is due to the two different energies, which are their own entities colliding with one another and seeing which one will prevail.

SPELL/POWER RESISTANCE & SAVINGS THROWS-There is no spell/power resistance anymore it is now “PERSONAL or BODY RESISTANCE. Due to your body wanting too fend off certain energies that mean to cause you harm, your body automatically tries to fight off these energies. For this reason Body Resistance works equally well against all three energies directed @ it.
There is no change to savings throws what so ever.

DETECT SPELLS/POWERS-the detect magic/psionics spells/powers detect what ever type of the 3 energies are in place. All other aspects of the spell/power work as stated in the descriptor.

These are some ideas of how we are trying to integrate all aspects of spells/psionics together.

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