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Playtest Reports

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Using Beta in RotRL (Stop buffing the fighter class)!!!

Paladin in action

Power attack and Combat Expertise...

Somebody always wants to try this:

I Can't Sell Them Combat Maneuvers ...

Travel domain power making my encounters useless

High Level (15+) 'Solo' Wizard playtest series

The humble Rogue

Druid – Who has seen a druid in played in PFRPG?

Paladin in Action 2

Archade's Ongoing Playtest Reports

Mage Hand / Hand of the Apprentice? How does it work?

Paladin smite evil and two weapons.

Report on Combat Expertise

[Druid] Beast Shape, Elemental Body, Plant Shape

[Cleric] Channel Energy - a Testamony of faith of the class feature

HD mods not needed?

[RotRl] A monk

General Thoughts from Playtesting - Ability Scores

[High-level Playtest] Testing the CR system to its limits

Skills: The Useless and the Useful

So maybe this will fix stuff. (Input really wanted)

Curse of the Crimson Throne playtest

Comprehend Languages is broken

Playtest CMB grapple...

[playtest report] Human martial weapons and other issues

Companion to Wizard Playtest - Optimized HLvl Fighter


A few thoughts on Pathfinder Beta after playing 3.5 again...

RotRL Beta Playtest - Problems with Perception

Cleave and Great Cleave?

Paladin: Smite Evil

New Paladin Class Critique

I desagree with economy

Darkness spell, anyone read its description?

KnightErrantJR's Mid to High Level Playtest (Possible Savage Tide Spoilers)

I'm not agree with... the new metamorphosis.

[Bard] Inspire Courage

Barbarian / Fighter / Ranger playtest #1: Level 15

One Small Thing: Grapple

General Playtest Criticism

My counterspelling mods.

Pathfinder Beta Impressions from Beta-Test Campaign

Add back the Hit Dice+3 cap for skill ranks,,, My Reason

Raven Familiars

Toyrobots' ROTRL Beta Playtest Thread (Spoilers)

Confusion Spell too Powerful?

The Long Process of Character Creation...

Pathfinder BETA PLAYTEST observations and opinions.

Undead, Sneak Attack, and Favored Enemy

KnightErrantJR's Rise of the Runelords Pathfinder Beta Playtest Campaign (Possible Spoiler)

PF Beta thoughts and feelings

Suggestions on the Pathfinder GM Screen

Character generator available, Free online. Output as Character sheet or BB code for PBPs.

Too stupid to concentrate?

Galnorag's Second Darkness Campaign -Xuttah's playtest commentary

GM Love

Sorcerer playtest

Error in Bard class? (Beta page 16)

Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk Playtest

[Druid, Paladin] Animal Companion Share Spells

Clerical Domain Spells

Paladin Spells

Power level

Semantics Question RE: Necromancy School in PFRPGbeta

Tergiver's City of the Spider Queen playtest

My comments on Magic Weapons

Divine Power and War domain

The giant grappling the fly

Pathfidner Newbie!

Help Understanding Domain Powers


[Druid] Awaken

[Playtest Report] CoCT Conclustion

On CMBs, Barfights, and Surly Dawrves

Playtest of NightBelow

Magic: 3.5 vs 3.0

CMB Questions!

Typo in Spellcraft DC table ?

Crafting Magical Items

Panjara - Long Winters, Short Lives

Channeling Energy -- Rule clarity and completeness questionable?

The Web spell vs. CMB

Played a bit with the xp table

Beta Playtest: Expedition to Castle Ravenloft.

Age of Worms Playtest. Level 14

KnightErrantJR's One Night Stand Great Wyrm Hunt

Black Tentacles spell question (playtesting report)

Official Pathfinder Character Sheets - Tweak needed

'Improved Standard Attack'

Tuesday Inc. playtest report

Experience Slow Medium and Fast

Greater Weapon Finesse?

Forgotten Pathfinder

Vinland Saga Playtest Report

Playtest: Character conversion woes.

General Thoughts from Playtesting - Creatures

Playtesting through the Rise of the Runelords

Newbie Question: Skill points vs. ranks

Barbarian / Fighter / Ranger playtest #1: Level 5

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