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Our local meetup group of 8 played PF-RPG today. 12th level PCs all. The GM was very familiar with PF. The rest of us less so, but it was pretty smooth. Some questions came up.

1. How are the fog spells affected by fire spells? Can burning hands or fireball burn away a fog cloud? Regardless of how it was handled in 3.5, it would be nice to have something in the fog cloud description about fire, even if the effect is "none".

2. Please put in the Spellcraft skill table the DC to maintain concentration on a spell while moving. We searched around for this all-important info.

3. What happens when a character puts his ear to the ground in an attempt to hear a creature's tremors? Characters in movies do this!

4. What are the costs of the various poisons. Yes, PCs buy and use poisons? Knowing the cost is necessary to stat. character wealth too.

And some comments:

1. Death to minus Constitution score or -10, whichever is more generous, is a nice change. Alas, it wasn't enough for 2 of us. When a character is knocked from above 0 to death in one blow, perhaps a successful Fortitude save (DC 15?) to instead be reduced to -9 might be a nice compromise. It's what we did.

2. Combat maneuver vs 15+foe's CMB is definitely too high. I realize this isn't a new perspective, but I thought I'd add my voice to what many have said. 10 or 12 felt more reasonable.

3. Half the party was half-elves. Are half-elves the new best race? (Well duh, half-elves ARE awesome, I mean come on! ;-) I'm actually very happy with the current half-elf. But wondering if other gamers are seeing more of this race as well?

4. One of our foes, a level 15 halfling rogue with boots of speed and multiple daggers of returning (and lots of spell scrolls) averaged 180 points of damage per round when he could sneak attack. Is that "normal?" At level 15, maybe so. For some reason, I was expecting to see rogues limited to one sneak attack per round (perhaps I'm confusing PF with 4E?!?) Just checking....

Overall, it was a smooth experience and there are definitely a lot more options for building interesting PCs. I played a sorcerer/aristocrat/eldritch knight, hoping the "gish" archetype was more doable. It was, though I miss the days of the havoc mage PrC which allowed limited spellcasting and weapon attacks in the same round.

One of our number had only played 4E and Neverwinter Nights. Except for the saving throws, which were pretty confusing for him at first, he didn't seem to have any problem. I thought it was funny when he looked at the wizard/sorcerer spell list (by level and school) and, referring to the brief 1-line descriptions that come with each spell, asked "are these descriptions all there is?" 4E is certainly training a new generation of players away from the classic D&D experience!


Glad you liked it. I really enjoy playing and running Pathfinder.

In reference to the old "ear to the ground" trick, I would say give them a Perception check with appropriate modifiers such as a +4/ -4 per size category over/under Medium, modifiers for ground density, etc.

And as far as dying goes, our group has always played it that if you get reduced to below 0 hit points, you automatically drop to -1 no matter how far below it is. That has worked great for us for many, many years through three, now four editions of the game.

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as for "Half-Elves" as the new "power race" - well in my current group (involved in CotCT) half of the PCs are Half-Elves (up from hardly any over the preceeding years in 3.5), one is not even mortal ( a modified outsider with a class progression, don't ask) and one is *gasp* human.

Everyone considers the Lowlight-vision nifty, and getting to allocate 2 stat points in a stat of your choice + getting (the much improved) Skill Focus for free + racial perception boni proved rather a temptation I guess (both players who picked the race are ones with an eye towards "effectiveness").

That said, I discouraged Elves for this campaign and the dwarves don't really pack any special flavour(s) yet. Gnomes are a bit weird still (but the group keeps saying "we love those" ), and Halflings and Half-Orcs are simply stigmatized for most of us...

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Rogues have always been able to do more than one sneak attack per round, so long as they qualify for it. Whether it's invisibility, the opponent being blinded, flanking, etc. they can get it on each attack.

As for the half-elf, they are good, but I still see most of my guys playing humans. It may just differ from group to group.

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