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Pathfinder Society

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[Official] Remaster Questions / Clarifications Thread

[Official] Pathfinder Society Boon Request Thread

[Official] PFS2 Guide to Organized Play Feedback Thread v5.X (November 2023 / Lorespire Update)

Werecreatures Archetype

Can GM improvise Critical Fumble in PFS?

Surprise Round in PFS? How many Actions?

Applicable Bonuses on Earn Income checks

Remastered Class Choices?

Regional question

Thaumaturge Implements, is reflavoring encouraged?

Thaumaturge Implements, is reflavoring encouraged?

Pathfinder Society Games in Spokane Washington

Question since alignment is gone

Pathfinder Society games in Suffolk England

There are too many leaders. Please elimate three. (I am not a crackpot)

Can a Druid in animal form command their animal companion?

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Society Year 6 Announcement

2 Versions of Scenarios (Foundry vs PDF) info

Pre-2024 Gencon games?

Paizo Blog: How A God’s Death Impacts Pathfinder Society

Skill challenges allowing only one skill

What's up with PFS2 #4-16?

How does gaining XP and Leveling Up work in PFS?

Gearing up to GM PFS at a convention. Advice?

GM Glyphs for Self?

Where did the Poppet go?

Booked a game, do I need to join the society?

Access to firearms as an Investigator

Are Poppets free?

Paizo Blog: A Venture-Gossip Briefing!

Abomination Vaults run as sanctioned Pathfinder Society games & XP

Freely Available Ancestries / Versatile Heritages?

Does the pearly white spindle work on skeleton PCs?

Gen Con Events SOLD OUT

Boon Trading Thread

Pf2e: Fast healing and infamy and dying rules

Can a Druid cast runic body on their animal companion?

Is there any way to get a non-animal undead companion?

As In Life, So In Death

One shot boon assignment and xp

Paizo Blog: Creating an Organized Play Character

Keeping the Church of Swole inclusive

Boon Assignment

Player attempts to Unmask the Waterfall

Outdated boon

What’s with the recent scaling of skill challenges by number of players rather than CP?

Off-Hour Study Boon Mechanics

Question about Signature Spell

Does anyone remember which chronicle gives access to the scrollstaff?

Multiple accounts

Pathfinder Society Boons in Foundry VTT

Weird question

Avid Collector Guns Weapons

How do you digitally fill out a Chronicle Sheet?

Crafter's Workshop and Formulas

What are the great campaign arcs in PFS?

Can I Use a Replay as a GM?

PFS 2e Long Arc from Scenarios

Crafting and Inventing in Organized Play

Seeking Advice on Introducing New Players to Pathfinder Society

Is Ceremonial Knive intended to give the Witch 24 extra Wands in one Level?

Removal of ongoing negative effects and curses

Throwe's Bandolier


Do you feel Lucky? A brief analysis of Storied Talent for PCs with low modifiers

What are the funniest Pathfinder Society adventures you’ve come across?

Crafting and inventing in Organized Play

Can you still reserve 10 Organized Play numbers?

Getting Started in PFS1

No avid collector-Player Core boon?

Questions re: Protocols for reporting issues

Roleplay choice in society play

Cavalier pledge to a druid order satisfy requirement to take elemental companion?

How do I refund a boon?

Treasure Bundles Table

Can we just make all PF2 quests repeatable?

Scenarios with Shorter Run Times?

Scenario price increase?

Paizo Blog: Venture-Gossip on the Town

Best items for a Pathfinder

Thanks for the Access

Best L1 Bounties for GM Rotation / New GMs (?)

Best items for a Pathfinder

How do I use a Replay?

How do I complete reporting?


Achivement points per game?

Can a spellcaster get their pathfinder provision scroll inscribed on a piece of gear?

AP Chronicle Boon Full-text in PFS2e FAQ

Getting my 5th Glyph

Linking Scenarios for a Path [PFS1e]

How to handle ineligible lore skills as a GM

Deity access changes

Adding Spells to a Witch's Familiar

Getting an Old Chronicle added to my Character

Briny Bolt Limited Ruling [PF2e]

Sawtooth Sabre access [PFS2e]

Paizo Blog: Unseasonably Warm?

Where to find games in Salt Lake

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