Illustrations by Lars Grant-West. Widescreen version here.

Dragon's Demand is Coming Soon!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Make your friends green with envy with this new wallpaper featuring the fantastic cover art from Dragon's Demand! This latest Pathfinder Module is an action-packed adventure which takes the players to the small town of Belhaim, where one event has started a chain reaction of mystery. Has Belhaim's ancient draconic nemesis returned? It's also the first Pathfinder Module using the 64-page format, which includes new monsters, treasure, a new location and double-sided poster map.

Find out what's got this town in a tizzy this July with the release of Dragon's Demand!

Jenny Bendel
Marketing Director

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There isn't a pic for the Widescreen link.

Love the cover!

I'm very much looking forward to the expanded modules' format. It is definitely a good idea, I hope it finds favor with us players :)

Silver Crusade

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Use to get the widescreen link. :)

Grand Lodge

Thanks for the link, Brianna.


Silver Crusade

NoStrings wrote:

Thanks for the link, Brianna.


Anything I can do to help out Paizo or Pathfinder, I shall! :)

That's... a peculiar bodice. O.o


Silver Crusade

Something really primal about that dragon art. :)

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