Quinn Society legal?

Pathfinder Adventure Card Society

Sorry to have to ask, but after a lot of searching, I can't find anything stating the new characters (I'm especially interested in Quinn) are Society legal. In Quinn's case, I assume I'd have to use adventure packs.

Yes, Quinn is legal. I'm using him right now. :)

The info might be in the latest version of the organized play guide? I forget.

Anyway, with Quinn you have two options:

Option 1: Use Ultimate Equipment as base deck, which can be paired with any class deck.

Option 2: Use packets (3 packets, UE + 1 packet, or class deck + 2 packets)

My person opinion is that Quinn is strongest going the all-packet route, but YMMV.

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Thanks! Found it on page 9. I see Hakon and Kess are covered too.

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