Formation of a new PACS Lodge for Virtual Tabletop gaming - PACS Mindscape Lodge!

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Good morning everyone! I have another exciting announcement today!

With the creation and sanctioning of PACS play using virtual tabletop software like Tabletop Simulator and the system, we have created the need for a new lodge of Pathfinders, distinct from our play-by-post games.

To that end, we are announcing the formation of the PACS Mindscape Lodge! Along with a new lodge comes new venture agents, so I'd also like to introduce the two new VAs who you will be working with moving forward:
-Brad "eddiephlash" Janes
-Rodrigo "Akaitora" Retamoza

These guys will be heading up the planning of upcoming online conventions that the PACS community will be able to participate in, as well as answering your questions about how to get started in VTT gaming and where to find players or box runners! Make sure to check out our Discord community over at the Org Play Online Discord for more information, as we expect many games will be recruited for and played using this Discord server.

Thank you all for continuing to help this community grow and prosper, and I look forward to gaming with all of you in the upcoming online conventions!

Tyler "Cartmanbeck"
VC, Online PACS Play

Congratulations on the new VAs!

I like the idea of the play methods gaining more traction!
Had a blast at PiazoCon online

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