Change how bonus deck upgrades are handled?

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I'm wondering if the post-Core handling of bonus deck upgrades in organized play might use tweaking.

In pre-Core OP campaigns, "bonus upgrade" scenario rewards seemed to coincide with gaining card feats. That made sense, since all players took card feats at the same time. Under the new rules, however, players can take feats in any order.

There's also the issue that bonus deck upgrades are randomly amazing/pointless, as in some cases you have a ton of acquired cards and some you don't. Interestingly, scenarios where players typically get a ton of cards (e.g., siege scenarios) often do not allow for bonus upgrades.

Anyway, I'm wondering if it might be useful in OP campaigns to change how bonus upgrades are assigned. Instead of linking bonus upgrades to particular scenarios, the rewards might be changed so that players bank bonus upgrades and use them whenever they like. This might even be applied retroactively to past seasons.

Paizo already has "boon upgrade" rewards for convention play, so why not make it a permanent part of all organized play?

Anyway, this is just a suggestion - after completing yet another scenario with bonus card upgrades and not nearly enough acquired cards. :P

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I'd suggest going even farther - I'd like to see *all* deck upgrades treated that way, not just bonus upgrades.

While it's possible to replay scenarios to earn the additional deck upgrades you're looking for, that's not always an appealing solution. Being able to only 'spend' earned upgrades when there's something you actually want would avoid the frustration of having no useful upgrades available one scenario, but having to choose between two really desirable upgrades on the next scenario.

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