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In scenario 2, scene B, it states:
"Act 2: At the start of your turn, each character must succeed at a Constitution, Fortitude, Stealth, or Survival 5 check or suffer the scourge Entangled. Then if Proxy A is displayed at your location, suffer 1 Combat damage; if Proxy B is displayed at your location, add 1 to your checks against banes this turn. Then display the proxy at the rightmost occupied location."

There is no mention of what to do with the proxy when that rightmost-occupied location closes (and thus leaves the game).
Does it hang out in limbo, if you will?
Or does it display at the new rightmost-occupied location?


I don't think there is an official answer to that question, since there are no instructions on what to do with the displayed proxy when the location closes.

But at the start of the next characters turn, it would get displayed at the new rightmost location anyway, so it probably makes sense for it to go there when the location closes.

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I agree with Mark's response that there's no official answer to the question, but I DO think that it probably doesn't automatically move, and instead would hang in limbo until it's moved by the start of turn power.

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I'd assumed it would get banished (or returned to the vault) when the location closes, but would re-appear at the start of the next turn.

Not that it's likely to make much of a difference; most of the time a turn is over when the location closes. Amiri could continue to explore, of course, so she'd probably like a Proxy B to follow her to a new location, but I don't think that would happen.

Mechanically that's the same as what Tyler said.

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There are no rules that say you banish displayed cards at a location when the location closes, so you definitely would not banish it. Because the rules don't tell you to do anything with it, you do nothing with it. It hangs out sitting there all by its lonesome. It is still displayed, but not displayed at a location. Therefore, it won't have any effect until the scenario power displays it at some location again at the start of the next person's turn.

In other words, I would play it exactly as cartmanbeck describes.

John Francis wrote:
Not that it's likely to make much of a difference; most of the time a turn is over when the location closes.

It actually makes a big difference, since the +1 bonus vs banes is put into place before the proxy is moved. Which means if you close the location and leave the proxy there, no one will get the bonus next turn.

Same applies for the penalty, of course, but we were very diplomatic. :)

Thanks, all. We played it wrong, but it made very little impact (lessened a failed combat's damage rather than allowing the character to just barely make it).

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