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The Closing Henchman (Proxy A) is an Ashwing Gargoyle. The Danger is also an Ashwing Gargoyle.

I would assume if something causes me to encounter the danger (Ashwing Gargoyle) that I do NOT get a close attempt. I would assume that only the Proxy A version of the Ashwing Gargoyle would allow a close attempt.

Are the above assumptions correct?

I assume this due to the rules all stating that when you defeat a closing henchman. I would classify the other Ashwing Gargoyles as Danger versions, but its not really clear and could be argued either way.

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That's how I would play it. The distinction, i think, is that fighting the danger you are "summoning and encountering" it. You don't get to close from summoned banes so in this case the Ashwing Gargolye wouldn't let you close if you encountered it as the danger since it was summoned. On the other hand, a proxy card directly represents the bane so you would get to attempt to close if you encountered the proxy.

I like your "Summoned banes dont allow closing" argument. I think that will end any squabbles. Still, if anyone else wants to chime in with another rules reference, I wont complain.

Agree with Race

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Right: Just because the card that is assigned as the danger happens to also be assigned as a closing henchman, that does not make the danger a closing henchman.

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