Is anyone still playing

Pathfinder Adventure Card Society

The date is Feb 1 2022.

The new core set is out.

I was wondering if people are still playing the Pathfinder adventure card society stuff and if so are they still using the "first" edition stuff: RotR, S&S, WotR and MM plus all the class decks?

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Yes. I have the Core set but I got into the game later so I am still working through a box for the first time.

I personally know of quite a few people playing the game online and several playing in person. I'm in two ongoing online campaigns - one Society and one not - both using older boxes (Season 5 using S&S, Season 1 using WotR). Judging from the occasional rules questions I see posted online (though rarely on the Paizo forums), there are definitely some others playing as well.

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I am actually in the process of getting my local scene into it. Once I get the game, I am bringing it to board game night to try to rope in some players.

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There are still active pbp and tts games. Check out the main pbp hub and either the PACG community discord or the Organized Play discord for more info.

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Yeah. Still playing!

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Agreed. Only game I am still playing regularly

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I should break out another box, maybe go through Skull and Shackles again with our new players.

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I ran some season of the runelords sessions at a local convention a few weeks ago. And am currently debating if I want to run through Mummy or Crimson Throne.

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