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So I know these are low priority as they are kinda old at this point but I had been thinking of playing some older season stuff recently and wondered:

The scenario rewards for this allow you to choose a non-basic upgrade. As this is now obsolete, are there any plans at all to give these two scenarios a different reward? (Or do they at least award a hero point? If they do, that's probably good enough.)

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“Non-Basic” now means “Level greater than 0” according to the Transition Guide in the rulebook so the rewards are still rewarding.


Sorry I should have posted the exact verbage here. Here is what the reward says:

When players complete this scenario, whether they succeed or not, each player earns a deck upgrade and a mini-Chronicle sheet for the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild. A player can apply this upgrade to one character built using a Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Class Deck; use the rules in the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild Guide to Organized Play (see Basic trait and the B set indicator with another card of the same type that has the B set indicator; the deck upgrade card does not need to have the Basic trait. She should then fill out the miniChronicle sheet with her name, her character’s name and class, and her Pathfinder Society ID number, indicating which card she has taken in the “Deck Upgrade” section of the mini-Chronicle (see After a player has built her deck, sheet. Each player may earn only one mini-Chronicle sheet per she can replace one card in her starting deck that has both the season. Thanks for playing!

So the way I parse it now is that someone can replace a level 0 card with a level 0 card..... In most cases this wouldn't be considered an upgrade.

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