Are the "Society" scenarios also usable for home play?

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I just finished Dragon's Demand 3B with my two sons. I printed "We Be Heroes?" and we plan to play that next, and I also have the Curse box ready to go.

I was wondering if the PDF products available for organized play are useful for more casual play too? Scenario 5B (The Fangwood Thieves) and 6–1 (City of Sails and Shrouds) both depend on products I have (i.e. Core and Curse). Are these just additional "storybooks" like the ones included in the boxes I have? Or are they different somehow?

Thanks for explaining it—I'm still figuring out all this Pathfinder stuff.


(P.S. I already submitted a similar post but while it incremented my post count it "disappeared" so I'm trying again. Apologies if it retroactively becomes a double post.)

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Hi there, these absolutely can be played with home games. They act similar to the Core/Curse storybooks. Each adventure gives you story text, and then you get story text before/after each scenario.

The only real difference with the scenario themselves is that they generally are harder than what you see in the base set story books. Not terribly more difficult, but just a bit. Also rewards don't specifically give you any hero points, but the Organized Play (OP) rules give you a hero point for winning each scenario, so for home games not using the OP rules then just keep that in mind and you'll be able to earn those hero points and spend them for feats or save them for rerolls/reviving.

Currently there is only the "We Be Heroes", 5B (Fangwood Thieves) and 6-1 (City of Sails and Shrouds) that use the Core/Curse products. You can expect season 6 to continue to have more scenarios. No strict timeline has been announced but if i were to give my best guess based on prior adventures then I'd say you generally can expect these to come out every 2 months.

I don't think there is any homebrew content for Core/Curse yet, but I expect there to be some eventually. The community has put together some great full-length seasons for the older sets so I'm excited to see what they cook up for Core/Curse as well! If you get through all the published content then there is always the ability to replay the scenarios using different characters and/or difficulties.

Hope that helps and let us know if you have any extra questions!

That certainly helps, thank you! As I looked into it more I was hoping we wouldn't need "class decks" or other supplemental stuff to play those scenarios, and it sounds like we wouldn't.

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Correct. The Organized Play rules basically aim to make it so that the games can be hosted in a public venue and anyone can come join and be able to play without taking cards from the box. Making players use class decks is how that happens in OP. But if you're playing a home game then there's no reason you can't just use the normal rules without class decks and just give yourself a hero point for each scenario.

Good luck!

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