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Hello, I'm new to this game and am interested in the card society. I was reading the card society instruction booklet and am confused about building a character deck. The way it reads, do I have to separately purchase a character deck in order to create a new character. I have both the Core set and the CoTCT expansion, if anyone could help this newb it would greatly appreciated.

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Yes, you need to purchase a Class/Character Deck or one of the related Ultimate Add-on Decks to do Society play.

Thank you, are these class decks updated to the new core set system? Or are they still on the old system?

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They're all from before the Core Set was released. However, the Transition Guide (in the Core Set Rulebook), the Core Conversion Guide, and any additional Society rules from the Guide to the Society and other sources apply.

Is there anyway that I can just use the cards from the Core and CoTCT expansion to create a deck and play through the scenarios without having to purchase the class deck. I am only going to be playing soloist home.

It's unclear if you're interested in the card society because you want to eventually play with other people at a convention or online, or because you want to play the card society scenarios.

If you're interested in playing the card society scenarios to experience them and you're only ever playing solo at home, you don't need the card society rules. Just play the card society scenarios with the core rules and you should be fine 99% of the time.

The main reason you need a class deck to play Society is so you can transport the character from game to game. This wouldn't be possible if you built the character out of the cards in the Core/Curse boxes. (What if another person also did this and you both need the same set of cards?)

I wouldn't mind playing online as an option, where do I go about finding games online?

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RoninwarAC wrote:
I wouldn't mind playing online as an option, where do I go about finding games online?

When looking for online play-by-post, I'd always start here: PACS Flaxseed Recruiting Page

I also would recommend taking a look at this google dock, it was written to help people set up for a specific community event, but most of the information is still relevant and helpful to set up in advance.

If you have any questions regarding PACS play-by-post, I'd feel free to drop them into the Flaxseed Discussion tab and you should get a very quick response.

I hope you will join us!

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