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A number of rewards in the Dragon's Demand Sanctioning Document state some variation of the following...

DD-1* Reward wrote:
Each character gets a new level 1 boon of any type, and may choose a bonus deck upgrade.

The term 'New' is specifically defined as...

Core Rulebook, Page 14 (emphasis added) wrote:
Sometimes you will be told to summon a card or to do something with a new card. When this happens, retrieve the card from the vault.

And additionally, the Card Guild Guide (every version I've seen, including v6.0) states...

Card Guild Guide, Page 9 wrote:
If you are rewarded with a card from the vault, instead take a random card of the same type that is not already part of your deck from your Class Deck box.



Taking this information together, it reads to me that you're supposed to draw (in the case of 1*) a random boon of a type of your choice from your Class Deck to immediately add to your character deck in addition to the normal Deck Upgrade, and in addition to the Bonus Deck Upgrade, for a potential 3 "Deck Upgrades".

This doesn't seem intentional, for several reasons.

  • Firstly, every time Sanctioned Dragon's Demand rewards you with a new card (1*, 1A, 1C and 3B) they always reward you with a bonus deck upgrade, which makes it seem like the bonus deck upgrade is supposed to help you pick these new cards, rather than being separate to (also, bouncing between giving players 1 Deck Upgrade and 3, with no-inbetween, feels odd).

  • Second, the "draw a random boon of a type from your Class Deck" hasn't been used since Season 3. From Season 4 onwards, the only rewards clearly state to add new cards to the acquired cards list, or draw a reward of your choice from your Class Deck (rather than randomly). It probably hasn't been used in the past few Seasons because...

  • Third (and completely anecdotally), the "Draw randomly from your Class Deck" rewards are seriously unpopular with every table I've BRed and played in on Play By Post. They often give you worthless cards (particularly later in the AP), they're a headache to do with Add-On decks and they're confusingly written (requiring explanation as to how they're handled differently to deck upgrades and how you have to refer to the Card Guild Guide). Adding new cards to the acquired cards list is a standard I've been relieved to see.

  • Fourthly, when I asked other BRs and Venture Officers for their opinion, the overwhelming response was that they believe the intent was that the 'newly drawn card' actually comes from the Vault (not your Class Deck), and then added to your Acquired Cards. Furthermore, that's how a lot of tables have played it, but I'm not sure that's the RAW.

    Am I misunderstanding something, or does the sanctioning document need errata? Or the Card Guild Guide?

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    The intention for all those rewards, both in the sanction document _and_ in Fangwood Thieves and Year of Rotting Ruin, is that you add the new card from the vault to the cards acquired during the scenario, not that you take one randomly from your class deck and/or add-on.

    So, that means the guide needs to change.

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