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Nok-Nok is mightiest of knife wielding heroes and on this day has defeated the worst that the Runelord of Wrath could throw at us! Nok-Nok claims title of Vicious Blade, and Slashing Blade having bested them one on one in combat...couldn't find the last one, but party mates took that one down too. Join me in proclaiming your victories brave Pathfinders!

The full thrilling tale!

Just finished up our run on Season of the Runelords today which we started as part of the first PbP online PACS convention, Cards Against Gnomanity. Took us a long time but we got there. Party was Arik/Red Raven, Mother Myrtle, Grazzle, and Nok-Nok. I had so much fun with Nok-Nok and my build leaned heavily into his second chance and soaking damage. Anyway, with us wrapping up, wanted a place of honor for him.

Nok-Nok, Head Drum wrote:

Hand: Adamantine Sai +2, Stormrune Knife, Venomous Dagger +2, Dagger of Doubling, Razorglass Knife, Galvanic Chakram +1, Burglar's Buckler, Boots of Alacrity, Chaos Stone, Tears of Death, Mighty Steed, Wayfarer, Forensic Physician, Kupmuk, Old Salt,

Displayed: Blessing of Kofusachi, Blessing of Lamashtu, Blessing of the Quartermaster 1, Blessing of the Demon Queen, Blessing of the Savored Sting, Blessing of Abadar,
Deck: 0 Discard: 0 Buried: 0
Hero Points: 7
Box Reroll Used: N
Available Support: Use Blessings as needed!
Movement: Move step - skip to heal 1!

Card Feats:

Weapon 4 ☑5 ☑6
Spell 0
Armor 1
Item 3
Ally 3 ☑4 ☑5
Blessing 4 ☑5 ☑6

Skills and Powers:
Strength d8 ☑ +1 ☑ +2 ☐ +3
Dexterity d8 ☑ +1 ☑ +2 ☑ +3
Stealth: Dexterity +3
Constitution d10 ☑ +1 ☑ +2 ☐ +3 ☐ +4
Disable: Constitution +0
Fortitude: Constitution +2
Intelligence d4 ☐ +1
Wisdom d4 ☐ +1
Charisma d8 ☐ +1 ☐ +2 ☐ +3

Favored Card: Weapon
Hand Size: 5 ☑ 6 ☑ 7
On your check against a monster (■ or a barrier), add 1 plus the number of barriers (☐ and weapons) in your location's deck list; if the check has the Finesse or Knife trait, add an additional 1d4 (□ 1d6).
On your check against a weapon or an item (■ or on your check that is not a check to acquire or defeat), add (■ 1d4 plus) the number of monsters in your location's deck list.
You may recharge up to 2 (□ 4) cards you would discard as damage. (■ If you do, you may then draw a card.)
■ When you would fail a check against a bane, you may add 1d8 (□ 1d12). If you do, after the encounter, you suffer 1d4+1 Combat damage.
□ When another local character fails to acquire a boon and would banish it, you may shuffle a card of that type into the location deck to draw the boon instead of banishing it.

Congratulations! I am thoroughly enjoying my Nok-Nok. Lots of fun to play.
I love the after roll add another die power as well

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Just finished up the fastest run through an adventure path I've ever done. The group started as part of Outpost III: Puttin' on the Ritz at the tail end of March and finished up mid December. I figure it at about 8.5 months start to finish. We played through Year of Rotting Ruin, which really ended up being my first solid play through of Curse/Core mechanics outside of the 2019 GenCon open and a few test games leading into that.

I gave Estra from OA1 a try using a healthy splash of the Divine/Occult Adventure Packs. Joining Estra was Fumbus, Harsk and Seltyiel (who was swapped out after Adv 1 for Zetha for the rest of the path). This group was solid and engaged throughout. We had a nice mix of time zones and more than once I'd post at the end of my day and it would be back to my turn by the time I woke up.

I had a lot of fun leaning into and protecting Honaire regardless of the various scenarios. I also leaned heavily into the fact that Honaire was frequently adding Undead to my checks, so blessings that blessed twice on undead invoke were fantastic. When it came time to pick roles, I went with the Spiritual Counselor to add some Diplomacy to our group as well as adding the ability to draw on successful Charisma checks.

Overall Estra felt solid and her ability to scout and deal with the things she shouldn't be good at, provided I could keep Honaire in hand and sometimes discarding to add that 1d6 during start of turn scout explore, was a lot of fun.

Lastly, I love the changes that were made to shorten up the adventure path, moving it to four per adventure made it feel like we were constantly progressing. Pretty sure Rotting Ruin is my favorite path to date.

Estra, Spiritual Counselor wrote:

Hand: Staff of Dark Flame, Psychic Surgery, Divine Fortune, Ghost Whip, Dominate, Divine Blaze, Hypercognition, Steal Soul (Loot), Boneshatter, Falcon Crown, Wand of Restorative Touch, Zellara's Harrow Deck, Third Eye,

Displayed: Honaire, Pious Healer, Magistrate, Darb Tuttle, Nightspear, Urgathoa's Gluttony, The All-Seeing Eye, The Marriage, Blessing of the Lady of Graves,
Deck: 0 Discard: 0 Buried: 0
Hero Points: 4
Box Reroll Used: N

Deck, Discard, Buried:

Middle of Deck (Unknown Order): 0
Discard Pile:
Buried Pile:

Skills and Powers:
Strength d4 ☐ +1
Dexterity d4 ☐ +1 ☐ +2
Constitution d6 ☐ +1 ☐ +2
Intelligence d8 ☐ +1 ☐ +2 ☐ +3
Knowledge: Intelligence +2
Wisdom d10 ☑ +1 ☑ +2 ☑ +3 ☑ +4
Divine: Wisdom +2
Perception: Wisdom +2
Charisma d10 ☑ +1 ☑ +2 ☑ +3
Diplomacy: Charisma +3

Favored Card: Honaire
Hand Size: 5 ☑ 6 ☑ 7
Divine, Light Armor
At the end of your move step, you may examine the top card of your location. (□ If the card has a power that happens when examined, you may instead shuffle a card into your deck to ignore the power.) You may bury (■ or discard) a card to encounter the card; during this encounter, add 1d6 (□ +1) to your Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution checks.
When you succeed at a combat(■ or Charisma) check, you may draw a card (□ or shuffle a random card from your discard pile into your deck).
■ When the ally Honaire would be shuffled into your deck, you may set it aside and, after shuffling, reload it.
■ At the start of your turn, you may exchange an ally (□ or a blessing) in your hand with an ally in your discard pile.
■ Gain the skill Diplomacy: Charisma +3
□ Instead of the first exploration of your turn, each character at your location may shuffle a random ally from his discard pile into his deck.

I did a single-character solo run with Merisiel through both Dragon's Demand and Crimson Throne. (Standard campaigns, not organized play.) It was a blast!

Her exploits are described here and her build can be found here.

Congratz! That's an impressive and crazy accomplishment!

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