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On page 9 of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Society Guide, we're told:

If you are rewarded with a card from the vault, instead take a random card of the same type that is not already part of your deck from your Class Deck box.

This mainly applies, I believe, to older adventures. As early as Season 4, we now had rewards worded differently. The reward for 4-3C reads, in part:

Each character chooses a type of boon other than loot and adds a card of that type from the game box to the cards acquired during this scenario.

I don't recall seeing it specified, but we always assumed that if you added an Ultimate deck to your class deck, you were treating the combined cards as your deck, and for those earlier scenarios, we'd take a random card from the combined decks. I also assume that if one uses adventure packs, either in place of or in addition to a class deck, those are also now considered part of the deck.

With the advent of adventure packs and being forced to play online these days, these older rewards are very difficult to manage. I don't HAVE a physical deck to randomize. (I'm playing multiple characters in multiple campaigns, with overlapping adventure packs. Some day, I will be buying duplicate Core and Curse sets, but that's not feasible right now.) Other players aren't currently even required to own the sets themselves. Is there any consideration of changing older rewards to align with the newer rewards? In the meantime, I'm curious whether anyone else has developed an easier way of handling this.


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I'd make a list of all the appropriate cards and roll a die or choose one randomly in some other way. Excel or your favorite spreadsheet program would be good for this.

Or just roll a seventeen sided die: 1d17 ⇒ 16 or however many you have.

When taking these rewards online, I always did something like this:

(22 cards I don't want)
Rumpled Spyglass
Chained Monocle

Then I'd roll a d24, but only the 23 and 24 matter.

I appreciate the feedback!

Randomizing a card from a list isn't the issue so much as knowing what the list is. When we had physical decks, it was easy. They were in binders; count how many of a type there are and roll. As I noted, the situation is currently a bit different. When running the game virtually, and other players have no decks, it's a bit of a task to figure out at the end of a game. Telling the players they have to develop spreadsheets for their characters in order to earn a scenario reward is unappealing.

It was for this reason that I wondered if there was any consideration to changing the old rewards to align with the new. It's much simpler (which may be why the change was made).

I guess the moral of the story is that I'm going to have to get more adept at using spreadsheets!

I'm not sure the spreadsheet is necessary, though it might be easier?

Here's the wiki link for all adventurer's packs:


Hit the "Show/Hide table" button for the packet links to appear.

Players only need to count the total number of cards in the pool, and then identify which cards they'd actually want. You don't need to list the cards you don't want - only the ones you do.

My example above is literally what I would post in the game thread:

(22 cards I don't want)
Rumpled Spyglass
Chained Monocle

There's no point in listing the missing 22 cards, because it doesn't matter what they are.

Good luck!

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